Sunday, December 4, 2011


The classic " fush and chups " on the beach Bro...
Took this awesome pic of the trees and sunset ( Silhouette )


This is my PURRfect cat Molly getting into the Christmas spirit.
This is the picture that looks like art / waves and GUESS WHAT!! I took it!


LOL - not really

THANK-YOU ( thx or thanks )

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sorry this post is random ( SORRY!! )

Hello again! Jake and I just made chocolate sauce and somehow I thought it tasted like Vegimite! OHH!!! So I had to get ANOTHER bit of Vanilla Ice-Cream ( YUM! ). I have HEAPS of photos from Tauranga and guess what! I took this AWESOME picture and it lterally looks like ART! Awesome art of course otherwise I wouldn't be teasing you. I have been continuing song writing ( I have five songs!! ) It's very exciting for me and I cant wait till I'm older to maybe sing with Shania on youtube ( thats if we're still friends! ) Anyway she has a lot of songs as well. Oh my gosh! I CAN'T WAIT FOR CHRISTMAS!! It's soooo exciting and with the HOLIDAYS as I well I will TRY keep you posted but if I don't then don't WORRY coz' I'm PROBABLY having fun ( most likely )

Sorry for this random BLOG POST! I just WANTED to go and say something XD

Thanks ;)

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PS: We had a bike safty programme today and it was REALLY akward because NOBODY rides bikes because " we're GIRLS!! " I mean C'MON!! Oh by the way I DIDN'T make it into the finals ( sigh!! ) oh well it wasn't THAT good but I did have BIG hand things ( you know what I mean, gestures ) By the way I think we chose a good school because I have learnt SO much! I have improved a lot and especially from the very first day I started school ( summerland ) I MISS YOU!! Oh well everyone MISSES their primay sometimes.

SORRY!! I'm just annoying you with my TALKINGS! But anyway - guess what I got a new phone weeks ago ( sorry forgot to tell you )

LOL - not really

I might be able to got to New Plymouth next year for a orieentering trip ( thats if I get in ) it's the thing where you have a map and you have a compass and on the map you have to make a route ( thats if there isn't already a route ) and you have to go to that place and put this tag in the beeper and then continue finding places ( you have to use your compass. )

When I did this earlier in the year I had to do the above and it was championships. This girl Renee Beverage ( yr 13 ) won and now she's going to Australia to repersent NZ ( I think ) Mum and Dad and heaps of other people, think that she's aiming for the OLYMPICS!!


Thanks once again!

I'll TRY keep you posted :)

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hello I'm going to talk about the cow's eye

Hello again! Last night I was teasing you with a little preview ( not really ) just telling you about the awesome thing that happened. I found a lot of mistakes in the text but I'm very sorry. Ok so I'll tell you what happened. Oh and I presented my speech on Monday ( just the Monday gone as it is Friday today ) I was the only one with a prop, no Q cards and doing a speech on having to do speeches while growing up. ANYWAY..I will start talking about the disection now.

The science teacher ( Ms Blount ) showed us how to do the disection by doing it herself. She showed us most of the parts of the eye. Ok so THINK of a cow. Think of how it would hurt having your eye out. Yeah, it would hurt. SO , if this was a PERSON or a LIVING cow you would have to do the disection CAREFULLY. And we had to do a disection of a DEAD cow's eye. Ok so first she said to take out the mussel and the stuff that is squeshy...( it looked and felt like GUTS! ) but DON'T worry we had gloves on. So we had to poke around this mussel and take it off. After that we had to look at the sclera ( the transparent part in front of the eye except it wasn't transparent because it was an old cow's eye so it was cloudy. She ( the teacher ) said that if you were fishing and you got a fish and it was dead ( or you were buying fish from the shop ) the eyes would be cloudy but if it would be fresh then the eyes wouldn't be cloudy. Ok so, after you take the sclera you come to cutting it off and then you come to two parts of the eye ( sounds boring and complicated I know ). After that we take a look at the pupil and the iris. Also we take a look at the Retina ( back of the eye ) and talk about how you see the image backwards in your eye and your brain converts it ( turns it upside down ) to make it go straight ( otherwise we would see EVERYTHING upside down! ) So the brain does that SO FAST! - It's SO amazing!! Okay, so after that a whole lot of black liquid comes out and we look at the lens and the jelly stuff ( forgot the name but it's A LOT like JELLY no kidding! )

Okay, so I think I've told you enough but it really gets me interested. Did you know some girl from another class FAINTED because she thought it was SO DISGUSTING!! Woah! Anyway Hannah ( not from our r22 class last year ) felt faint and didn't particapate she just read her book ( my english teacher wouldv'e been happy coz' she's reading! ) )


Thank you for reading my blog post I hope you enjoyed and tell me something gross that happened to you - ( maybe in class )

Thanks :)

>!@#$%^&*() Torz )(*&^%$#@!>

BTW - I will tell you later how our trip to Tauranga went :)

Guess What EVERYBODY??!!

Hello!! I havn't seen you in a while!! It's a bit late to talk about this now but I'm BURSTING to tell you!!!! WE DISECTED A COW'S EYE TODAY!!!! In science!! Sadly ( I'M VERY VERY VERY SORRY ) that I didn't get ANY photos ( ahhh I was thinking I should've brought my camera but the teacher wouldv'e taken it off me ) ( sorry she's not as =awesome with the photo thing as you Cheesey * but anyway! *

I'll talk to you later ( I'm SO sorry ) but I need sleep .... lol :)

Thanks can't wait to tell you how it went..

>!@#$%^&*()_ Torz! )(*&^%$#@!>

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hello again!

I'm SO in the mood for blogging today!! The other day in our Religeous Education class we had a releiver. She went on youtube and searched up a few songs. I think she thought we were year 8's or something because I think she thought that we were OBSESSED with this band from X Factor. ( they got put togther as a group ) Their name of the group is One Direction and the song is : you don't think your beautiful. Only a couple of us in the class had heard it before. Also she showed us this really cool korean song - it was called Gee and it goes Gee Gee Gee Gee baby baby baby baby Gee Gee etc. Oh did you know Justin Beiber is a father GROSS!!!!! YUCK!! OOOOOO! Next SUBJECT now. So the song is called Gee and it is by Girls Generation and it is SO COOL!

See you later!

~!! Torz !!~


Nawshi!! You were correct!! I just realised that I put the answer in the post!! LOL!! Anyway congrats and your prize will be ( hopefully soon...) you will be able to see me and I can see you and I might give a a prize then( probably a lollipop or something!! ) Ok guess what?? GUESS!! Nah, just kidding. Ok so we are doing SPEECHES now!! And yes my topic is half on speeches!! The topic is growing up so I'm saying how you have to do speeches when you are young and old and stuff. Anyway this is the intro! I hope you like it....

The day has finally come. The day you've been waiting for. This is the moment. You've been waiting your whole life. Or maybe, just maybe you've been trying to avoid this day for years. It's growing up. And what comes with growing up? Speeches!

So do you like it? Comment if you do please! I love comments! Oh I forgot to tell you about my exams! We had a 2 hour english exam on the Thursday. I still don't have my results ( sorry ) we also had an R.E exam ( still don't have results either) and I do have my results for the 2 hour exam for SCIENCE! I'm not a big fan but I try my hardest in every subject. I got 1 achived 3 merits and 1 excellence ( thats how they mark them ) have you realised I havn't used a full stop yet? It's because I've been using brackets. Anyway we had a one hour exam for Social Studies and I DO have the results. Guess what. I had to learn all of New Zealand in LESS THAN AN HOUR!! AHHH! But I STILL got EXCELLENCE!! Yay!! Those are all the results I know so far. So I'm pretty happy. Jake ( my brother ) passed his NCEA level 1 !! YAY! BUT he still has WAY more exams to come...Izzy Fizzy I know you can't wait for NCEA !! Lots of exams..oh well. I can't wait to see you next year! They are kind of strict. You know we havn't even had a MUFTI day yet!! Oh well we have to be grateful for clothes anyway!

Ok now I'm just babbling. Oh! Do you know Hun-ah aka Hannah from last year ( the awesome room 22 year 5 and 6 class??) WELL...she died her hair ( not all of it ) yellow ( ish blond but not as blond as Vanilla Ice aka Jake )

Wow! I really am babbling on...did you go to the fireworks on Saturday ( Guy Fawkes ) as in did you go to the Trust Stadium? Please comment below if you did !


Just so you know I've only really perfected the intro...nothing else...ahh


Please please please ( NO COMMAS! SORRY ) COMMENT I mean comment...SORYY!!!


Thanks for taking time to read my longest blogpost I've ever done ( at least I think so anyway )


Yours Sinceraly ( Just kidding I'm pretty sure I'm not writing a letter! )

!#44 Torz 44#!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

What I used to do!

Hello, this is what I used to do last year. Okay so I had a picture of dogs and you had to guess it. Okay!! So heres the picture.,r:5,s:0

Copy and paste the up above into the internet bar thingy and see the dog and you'll have to comment to tell me what kind of breed they are.

My Cat

My cat likes plastic bags.
My cat hates to hang.
My cat can stare into my eyes.
My cat is old enough to die.
My cat loves cubourds.
My cat hates rubbers.
My cat loves me.
My cat hates me.

Somehow I love my cat. She puts lots of scratches on my face. Now I can't think a trace. Somehow I love my cat. No matter what.

I wanted to make up a poem about my cat. I know. Your thinking " This poem is REALLY bad!! " and thats alright coz' I just made it up on the spot.

!@#$ Torz $#@!


This poem is very sad. I found it on the enternet. Ok here it is:

She's always heard
that if you dream it,
you can achieve it
but so far all she's achieved
is a black eye and a
broken wrist
that her mommy kissed better
when daddy finally
let her go.
She walked to the hospital
but had no money to pay the bill
so she lied about
her name, saying she
got healthcare for free
cause her daddy had fought
in a war
which I guess is true
if you count home
as a war zone.

Endless days and
bandages later, and she's
dreaming again -
growing wings and soaring
toward tomorrow,
praying she will make it through today,
find somewhere
to stay, to lay
her head down for a
second of
praying the pain will go away.
She's dreaming of
New York or L.A.
cause she's heard people find
She thinks it's a myth, this whole
happiness business,
but her best friend says
she deserves it
so she's gotta try.

So she runs away, praying
daddy will be home late today.
But God doesn't always
answer prayers.
He doesn't always
even when you need him to,
and daddy saw her from the highway.
Even mommy couldn't kiss
this one better.
Can you bear to see her now?
There's no dreaming in her eyes -
looks like a stone
cracked, broken by cold and the unknown.

I kiss her fragile, angelic face
and I turn away from her as
the door closes, my voice
out in a song - a prayer,
so quiet it's hard to hear,
but she's always said I have
an angel's voice,
so it somehow seems right that
night begins and
dreams end
with the angels singing through her
best friend,
surrounding her shrouded memory
as she is laid to rest
on a bed of dreams and roses
six feet deep.

Create Date : Sunday, October 16, 2011
Update Date : Sunday, October 16, 2011

Elizabeth Grace


Hello I wrote this poem on the 8/3 - 2011 and I just found it in my english book. I've added a little bit but I'm REALLY suprised on how much thought I put in. Ok so here it is:

I squarm around. Hoping not to be found. By grey bodies and sharp white teeth. That grip into your fins. I have two huge eyes. That take up a tenth of my body. I have a pointy red tale. That follows behind. As I zoom along. I overlook shimmary. Colourful scales. As the sun. Catches their own light. I hear the same old string. Wounding up and plopping down. I've heard it a lot in the past years I've been living. Nowadays fish are getting death. And more death. Nothing but death. Especially those fish. In Tauranga. Oh my girlfriend could of died. Oh. From that terrible. Oil spill. Poor. Poor. Fish. And sea. Creatures. I mean. It's either those pesky grey finns that follow you around. Or. Or worse. Humans. They can follow. By having those really. Weird covers on their eyes. Or maybe their some type. Some type of creature. Living in the sea. But I like how they. Give us food. On a hook. It's quite sneaky. But I just wait. The humans put me back. When I was younger. I guess they thought. I was too small. That was very nice. Of them. Seeing they usually. Eat us. If I was a inch bigger. I would be on a platter. Waiting for a visit. From the cat. To jump up. And nibble. I can't imagine. Life. Without water. Like humans. Can't imagine life. Without air. But it would just be too. Risky for either one of us. If I was in a sharks tummy. I wouldn't be able to. Swim that 100 metre. In school. On Monday. I wouldn't. ( still ) Be able. To have. A girlfriend.

By Torz

Oh by the way all the full stops are meant for you to pause. But some of the stops are actually real ( you know what I mean ) so hows life? Wow...

Okay so what is this magical creature? Please comment and tell me. This poem is a type or p........... also comment on what the type of poem is too.

We have EXAMS next term. Two exams ( science and english ) are TWO HOURS long!! And I have 3 other exams but they are all 1 hour long. AHHHH!!!! Oh well thats why I am studying. My english teacher said we did have to write poems and ' feel ' them.

Tell me what you thought about my poem please!

^^&!@$ Torz $@!&^^

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Is is a shark attack??!!

Hello...I havn't seen you in a while. Yesterday it was Dad's birthday & so to celebrate we went on a boat, with a few friends. We had to drive for about 45 mins to get the the glenbrook beach warf. We all got ourselves into the dingy & we were off. They ( the other fam ) own a dark blue boat ... " She's a beauty " my Dad would say. When we got to the boat we all greeted eachother, and my friend Kayleigh showed me around the boat. Ok so, theres a kitchen, home theatre, toilet / bathroom, lounge & a few more places to sleep. But they were quite damp from the leak that went up to about a metre. ( But apparently that happend last time..) It took about 2 hrs ( probably less ) to get to our destination ' Cornwallis. ' Last time Kayleigh went she lost her bright green watch, so its probably gone by now because we couldn't find it. It was fun playing with the different coloured sand & my coke can. ( It was empty ) I'm not sure what to say now because this was about two weeks ago...

We went fishing for a while & Jake's friend Mitchell caught a shark. It was small but the other family kept getting sharks as well. So of course we were in SHARK TERRITORY!!! Oh well. At least we didn't get eaten! Did you know that the chinese cut off shark fins ( and leave a open wound ) and chuck them back in...sad :(

Sorry I havn't posted anything in AGES but I have been VERY busy :)


Ciao ... ( chow ) - italian

Zai Jian ( Zai Gen ) - Manderin ( type of Chinese language )


Hope you have a great day!

!! % ^ ^ Torz ^ ^ % !!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hello again...don't you just LOVE school holidays??

Well if your bored & your allowed on the computer you should play these awesome games...just click the link and your up, up, & away :) well you know what I mean!

also if you clock all these games then just have a look on gamefudge website. There are heaps of fun games but some of them you might get irritated and annoyed with... :) teehee

For your holiday compitition / quiz you have to tell me what sport these people play...& if you have the glory from my blog :) ...

1) Irene van Dyk
2) Dan Carter
3) David Beckham
4) Alexandra Stevenson
5) Colin Meads
... some are hard & some are very easy :)

Have great holidays :)

** Torz **

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Did You Know?

Hello again...did you know that Auckland had a 2.9 earthquake on Friday 1st July? I think it was something to do with the volcanic thing because the centre of the earthquake was at Mission Bay. Things you learn huh? Anyway you probably heard a big bang ( for the earthquake ) and so Dad & I thought it was a big truck passing our house but it was the earthquake.

Sorry I havn't been keeping up but I try to in my spear time. Oh & we got a black drum kit!!! Yay so now we are learning the drums " oh yeah!!" :P

Thanks :)

>**! Torz !**<

Woo we have so much english homework ... I'm not even kidding :(


Monday, May 30, 2011

My Favourite Websites...

Hello again if you are bored on a afternoon after school then you better check this out! This always works when I am bored...I always go on my favourite websites. Here are some:

& of course....

wait for it wait......

scroll down keep going!!


ummm where were we.....( keep going ...) I whisper

OK!!!! Its time....drum roll please...

BUT... it has __ NO __ capitals :P

Thanks for your patients :)

Torz :P

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Sorry!!! I havn't posted any thing in about 2 MONTHS!!! I'm soo soo sorry...I have been soo busy! So how have you been for the last 2 months?! Lets talk about school...well St Dominics.. :) So the first time we made something in food tech we made a I made one when I was four...!! So anyway we made it with sliced cheese, grated carrot, some lettuce and of course 2 slices of bread per person. In the lesson we talked about what we had to do before we started...the basics. Like washing your hands & putting on the apron. When we had done our dishes & had our sandwich's in our containers we could go home! On the way home I tried to eat my sandwich but it fell everywhere! Oh boy...!!
The next cooking lesson we made pizza!! Yum!! How we made it. We had a bought base & all the ingredients were there...this is what we used for the toppings: Grated cheese, a chopped frankfurter, tomato paste, corned beef, tomato sauce & a tomato. We put it in the oven at 180 *C - sorry had to use the star as the celcius thingy! We put it in the oven for 15 mins until all the cheese was melted. When the pizza had a few minutes left to cook we could smell that lucious smell of cheese & frankfurters mmmmmmm! When we took it out of the oven we cut it up into 4 pieces ....& somehow I got the biggest piece even know I chose last... :) Anyway I better get going I have a bit more English assignments to tell you about!!

Have a great day ... I am definately enjoying food tech especially the part where you get to eat it!!


^^"!@@)* Torz *(@@!"^^

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Easter!

Hello again, in a weeks time it's easter so I am going to make little boxes ( we learnt in maths ) and put little easter egggs in. I'm also going to colour the box with lots of colours. As you know easter is all about Jesus dying on the cross and coming alive in a few days. Its called the Resurrection...( we learnt this in r.e of course.) I have a bit of homework to do in the holidays but it's bound to happen. I have to write three haiku poems about the sea, colour in this sketch in r.e, paint sea creatures for art, make a postcard about a planet I like in science and last but not least create a box for maths. Easy peasy you might be thinking. Well it sort of is except I have more things I want to do in the holidays then homework like...nah just kidding I won't bore you with my long list!! Anyway so Happy Happy Easter and I hope you all have great holidays!

Happy Holidays! - have fun on your easter egg hunt!

>**~ Torz ~**<

BY THE WAY THIS is a post that I didn't publish AGES ago!! I'm so sorry but I hope you had a great easter anyway! And every other special day ( anzac, labour day, guy fawkes etc)

Oh by the way about a week ago I got given a sports award ( at the sports prizegiving ) It was very exciting and I got the most valued award for netball out of my team. We went to burger king after that because we hadn't had dinner. I just remembered that it would've been tonight ( a week ago ) that I got it. Tenera, Rhiannon and I are all in the same class. I'm mainly friends with Tenera but Rhiannon and Tenera are still having fights about CHAIRS!! I know right! Oh well some people just NEVER

Thanks again ~:() fail attempt of Homer Simpson ( I have a book some where at home that tells you what arrows to use and stuff )

~!@#$$%% Torz %%$$#@!~

Thanks again :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Endangered Species

And yes this is to do with my english class. It actually isn't published yet so this is it! It is about bees! Why are bees getting less and less common. I'll tell you why!

Buzzing around with a black and yellow back waiting to get annoyed by some human. This is what bees have to put up with everyday. Trying to survive by collecting pollen and dodging humans while they skip in the garden not even thinking about their risk of getting stung.

I've even searched about bees and it says that cellphones can kill their navigating system ( so they cannot find their way back to the hive ) and so they die because they can't find their way to their hive. It's quite sad really I mean imagine if you were a bee. For me it would be starting all over again trying to get to my R.E class!! Lol!! ( laugh out loud - for those who don't know! ). Anyway school just keeps getting busier and busier I havn't been able to get on here at least for a week. But I'm soo happy it's the end of term 1 ( Friday 15 April ) YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! I've got more english to show you soo watch out because it's better! At least you might think so!

Anyway thanks for being patient with my blog :) cheesey rox!

>** ## TORZ!! teeeheee! ))&&^%^(@^#^ I am very silly!! - hardly ever it happens I KNOW!!! lol. c ya!

Have fun holidays coz u deserve it!

English, English, and more English!!

Wow we have english classes everyday of the week except for tomorrow week 1. " YESSS!! NO MRS SHARPE!! I CAN'T WAIT !! " says kids from my core class. They absolutly HATE english. Whats soo bad about english?? I think its really good because I have to think alot to get accurate writing and I have to really spell write to. We have been doing arguments so I decided that mine would be on who was going to have the last Taylor Swift concert ticket. NOTE: This is just an argument about a ticket it is not a true story...hey as much as I love Taylor Swift to be able to have the last ticket..I mean co'mon! ( not sure how to spell that.. lol )
So I have decided to share it with you. We had to perform this in front of our whole class.

Taylor Swift Argument One Ticket Who Is Going To Get It.

Ok so Hannah ( 1 ) and I are sisters and we are fighting over this ticket.

T: I should have it because I'm the number one fan!!

H: I should have it because I'm older!

T: Well I buy all the magizines with her on it and all the posters and albums!

H: Well that would spare you somthing because I PAYED for it!!!

T: Well my schools closer to the venue so I can go after school!

H: Shame Torz!! I have nothing on after school and you do!! HAHA!!!

T: Umm...well I can skip netball training.

H: I have a car!!

T: I have a scooter!!

H: Mine goes way faster like a Ferrari and your scooter just goes plump, plump, plump just like a slug!

T: FINE!! Be that way I will buy the ticket for Bruno Mars!! HAHAHAHAHA!! Yay!

H: HEY!!
T = Torz
H = Hannah

( 1 ) This Hannah is not the Hannah from last year in our class ( r22 all with blogs ) ok so this is Hannah that always used to get 1st place in cross country every year for my year level.

And that was our argument! I also learned that every opinion has to have a reason no matter what it is. ( In arguments ) It could be a bike you were fussing about or maybe the last cookie or how long you'll get your computer time for. So whatever it is to do with arguments make sure you have a reason! ( Thats what I learned in todays lesson & yesterdays lesson. Having a argument can be fun and it can give you more confidence in speaking in front of people.

Thanks for everything you all rock!!

I should keep you updated.

~**##$@ Torz @$##**~

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Music Lessons

Every Monday & Tuesday I have music lessons. On Monday it is keyboard and Tuesday ( after my afterschool drama & dinner ) we ( my brother and I ) go to our drum lessons! Whenever I have a crap day at school ( like sometimes we do ) I always look forward to going to my music lessons. Music always cheers me up and the teachers teaching me are all so kind I just feel so happy. Don't worry we don't have a drum kit yet so we can't tear the house down with our awesome music...aww!! I am still playing guitar ( don't worry I spose you weren't but you know what I mean ) I might be having lessons after dinner on a Wednesday. I also might have netball practise on afterschool on Wednesdays so it is good. On Thursday ( every Thursday ) I go to Liston College and skate around for about to hours. I meet a group of friends there and when its your fourth lesson you get it free. This week I think its my sixth week of skating & HOPEFULLY I will move up to badge 3. There are seven badges or maybe ten but you can join if you would like and it only costs $5.00 so if you would like to come its very fun. On your first time skating you might fall on your bum but it's natural ( trust me! I definately WOULDN'T fall on purpose!! ). I have completely gone off the subject of music. People do it ( like myself ) but we get through... don't we! Anyway have a great day...and enjoy Primary because those are some of the most important years you should remember ( known from experiance :) )

Thanks I should try to improve my writing by not going ( ) all the time! LOL!

>**:~ Torz ~:**<

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fish Personification

Hi again sorry if this personification isn't as good as the last one. I do have the one I did last year so please compare them!
Ok the one last year:

I sit on a shelf beside a window feeling hot and cold some of my pages can't hold.
I've been trampelled on jumped on by my grumpy owner. Someday I'll have a lovely owner that won't break my spine because they don't own that kind of mind.
I am made of trees can't you see from branches to leaves into a factory. My poor paper has been in a typing machine for too long it feels longer than 3,600 songs.
When I try to speak zero words come out I feel daft and want to shout.
Screaming for help just like in my words I've meet two pairs of eyes but not lemon curd..mmmm If I had a mouth I would die from wetness would never be dry would never be read.

* What do you think this one was about?

Since we don't really have computers at school ( not a lot of portable laptops ) especially in the english room I couldn't really get more ideas off my other personification but I have tried. Ok so here goes!

I squarm around hoping not to be found by grey bodies with sharp teeth and finns that knock you out when they come near. I have to large eyes ( more like big buttons in this case ) that fill up half of my body.
I have colourful scales that shine in the sunlight as I zoom along this magical sea filled with magical creatures...( unlike myself ). I have a long pointy tail with its red light shining like christmas lights. It follows me EVERYWHERE I go!! I apsolutely, positively HATE my tail!! Some people hate having their tail chopped off ( tom and jerry ) but I would love it!
I've never imagined what it would be like to be dead. I mean for me it would be sitting on a platter in front of lots of hungry humans that wanted me to be eaten. I mean for sure the cat would have his share too because cats starve without their tuna. ( I actually don't think they eat tuna but you know what I mean! )

Ok so you have to choose out of those two. I was thinking you could guess what my stories were about so it would be like a competition! So once you know get you comments in..I can't wait!

Thanks ever so much for reading my blog! You rock!

~** Torz **~

Monday, March 7, 2011

English And Annoyed People ( lol )

Do you know how sometimes you go on a blog and you are sick of seeing the same thing? Well I bet thats how you feel about mine...sorry! Lol! Guess what happened in english today..! Ok it started off when our teacher told everyone that our books were wet. So we had to go up to her to get them. She said that I was last and that she needed to talk to me. I felt nervous and went up. I suddenly had a deep thought..'I don't think its gonna be bad I mean how bad can it get'?! She showed me that my book was the WORST wet book there!! I said it was okay but really. She got out some special tape and put it in my book so that it wouldn't brake. She asked me if I read alot so of coarse I said yes so I mean I read everyday what else could I say! She told me that I was a skilled and talented writer. I was pleased and couldn't wait to tell Mum and Dad. She also said that I would get **extra** work! HOORAY more work..( just what I need ) I mean I have so much stuff going on any way..oh well if its what it takes to be the top of the class its fine with me!!

Thanks I've really enjoyed writing this post! :) haha!


~**>< Torz ><**~

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Do you have a favourite subject? Well I do and it is English. I had to write a description of the sea the other day. It might give you some ideas of some ways to describe things. I hope you enjoy! Imagine this..picture it in your mind...

The sound of waves overtaking the sand as it gradually makes its way through. The feeling of the soft, warm sand as it grips on in between my toes as I walk slowly. I suddenly hear the squawking of seagulls as they try to get away from chasing kids screaming and laughing. As I step in I feel cold but warm tingly water around my ankles but little did I know, that I had stepped on millions of shells different shapes and different colours all different sizes.

I overlook the glistening blue sea as the sun shines down on it...I suddenly realise that its not just the sea its approached...its me too! I could feel it burning hard as I splashed around pretending to be an eight year old.

I had remembered that I had bought something long and pointish at the top. ( I don't even think pointish is a word! ) So I quickly ran out of the water feeling the water going down, down and down. When I reached the lovely sand I grabbed my white, yellow, black and pink surfboard out of it's bag. I had it at my side and ran for the sea feeling the water going past my ankles...past my knees...and just past my thigh. I quickly saw a great wave coming up so I ran for it and as soon as I knew it I was riding the wave! I had really cought it! It was like the ride of my life hearing the waves crashing just above my head as it formed a mystical tunnel...filled with magical fish with rainbow coloured scales. As I came out of this mystical, magical tunnel I felt the dash of sea salt hit me with its greatest desires and then thought really the sea is really!

As I finish the surf I rushed out and put it back in it's special bag and went back out to I head in I sea rubbish in between rocks and around and as I moved every muscle the wind took it through it's amazing, tremendous journey across the sky back into the ocean and the back out again and across plenty of rocks and on land just above the sand and I thought wow the sea is very peaceful, fun and very very mystical. You never know whats going to come next..maybe even a tsunami! Who knows!! :)

Thanks for reading my tremendous descriptive writing I hope you enjoyed and that it could maybe help in some way!

Thanks again your very lucky to have Miss Cheeseman for a teacher! ( I miss everyone! )

~** Torz **~

p.s My english teacher is awesome! - having lots of fun! :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


HAPPY HAPPY DAYS!!! To the winner for the Zoo MYSTERY PICTURE winner!! You got them ALL right! Congratulations Gaberm great job..( I hope I spelt your name right! ) Wow you get the awesome feeling of being able to win the great glory of winning now how does that feel?! mmm...yep and so...ah yes..awesome..! Have a great day..but wait the answer was ( that Gaberm got right were..) 1 Emu, 2 Tiger and number 3..Red Panda - which was a bit hard because you couldn't see his face ( for now he's a guy )

Thanks for all the comments :)


~** Torz **~

ps if you go to the Zoo sometime make sure you see the lions and tigers!


The SIMPSONS!! On channel FOUR every night there is The Simpsons 7:00 pm..they are **new** episodes! The simpsons are very funny..sometimes dumb and really humorous. There are lots of characters in simpsons and you can see more in the movie. I thought you might like to see a picture of all the characters: enjoy:

And of coarse you have to have....

Thanks have a awesome day!

~** Torz **~

p.s simpsons rock but you rock even more!

Such A Big Place With Sooo Many Classes!

Wow I started at a college the other week and it is such a big place. The other day I had to ask everyone: " can you help me find r.e class? " I was soo lost I almost cried. But then somebody told me where it was. Today when I went I had to follow a girl in my form room class so I could get there on time and with a smile on my face! R.E stands for religious education just if you didn't know. I can't believe I had to abonden a school I loved and had been there all my school life to come to a bigger school where I hardly don't know anyone. But somedays are just life and when its one of those days you just have to deal with it ( instead of being embarassed and about to cry about an r.e class..gosh sometimes I betcha they moved the class away so I couldn't find it! ) Anyway moving on from my sadness is....well who likes homework!! Ohh I see no hands up oh maybe a couple..well I get a bit of it and I finsih at about 3 30 ish and like start 20 mins before you unfair ay?! But really homework isn't that bad. You should always do homework other wise you will get lower grades or a detention...does anyone like detention? Exactly. So...I have 5 classes a day and then form time. Form time is when you read for 15 mins and talk to your teacher. Simple. But wait theres more...can you believe this person...anyway so if I get 5 classes a day do you know how much homework I have to do in a small 2!

Wow this is very good for my learning if I am writing a blog or in a journel..( my english teacher says ) so I will try to write on here a bit more often!

Thanks =)

~** Torz **~

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Hi again! Its time for some MYSTERY PICTURES!! So the other day I went to the Zoo with a few cousins that came up from Hamilton. We saw lots of animals high and low and I loved the tiger! I got a few snaps of animals and reptiles. It was a exciting day filled with yummy ice-blocks and heaps of smiles. Anyway so heres your MYSTERY PICTURES of the week! :




Thanks! I can't wait to hear your comments! Have a great day and enjoy your last days of holidays!

Thanks again!

~** Torz **~

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Frogs, Slime And A Day In The Country.

Wow you wouldn't believe I did this! Miss Cheeseman you will love this! I was in the car going up to a friends place in the country and played my Taylor Swift music on my portable dvd player that I got for christmas. The next minute we were at her house and we went to see some ponds...and guess what!! There were green FROGS!! So my friend caught a few and then put one in my hand but this one went overboard..into the long grass hopping away looking for the nearest pond! So I look at another pond and I see seads that have devolped into real green SLIME!!! "OOOOOhhh you have got to be kidding me!! " I said with a kind of attitude! Seriously letting my friend just stand there and play with slime made me felt really gooey and when it had just come out of the water it had this kind of watery dripping look. Man I can't BELEIVE I touched SLIME and FROGS in one day!! So we ran to our parents to tell them! Mum said that it was great to be touching green slimey slime and green frogs that go overboard. I had a great day hanging out touching slime and going to this house that was one road away from the beach! Well just imagine it..the ocean and the view right inside your house..just lovely. We counted 218 DEAD CRABS on that beach and I was trying very hard not to step on them even though they were dead. There were many many more crabs that we didn't count but its not like we had all day. When we were back at her house we decided to make cards with scrapbooking paper and stickers. I made a birthday card with stripes and words. A day later ( today ) I decided to make some more cards and I made an awesome card with sand and some flowers that you get near the sand dunes. I have a picture as well:

This is the awesome card!

I also took this tremendous picture of the sunset. It is BEAUTIFUL!!

Wow a picture like that just makes you love it!

Thanks ever so much! Have happy, safe holidays and happy birthday to Devz! :)

~** Torz **~

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Summer Is All About....


Its also about staying in an apartment for 3 days looking out to a few pools. The next minute your on your bed sipping Lemon Lime and Bitters eating lollies and working on a wordsearch..doesn't that sound wonderful...well it was! I got some great snaps of the mount to! We went to cafes and we walked to the shops. It was a great holiday away. We walked to the beach and got some sand for our art and some of those beach flowers...they were spikey! I can't wait to do some art with shells and take more pictures. I have some photos off my camera so here!:

Pilot Bay ( The other side of the Mount )

!The Mount!

Man I love going away to the Mount for a holiday espicially the hot ocean water..but really we should be careful in the water because when the water is hot it means there might be sharks and a few weeks ago they had to close the beach because there was a shark...scary but not for Jared and Tamir ( boys in my class last year )

Thanks for read'n! Have a nice day!

~** Torz **~

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Hi everyone hope you had a fun new year. Its time for the new MYSTERY PICTURES!! I will try to put up at least 3 pics a week for you so heres to it!




I hope you have fun guessing!!

~**~ Torz ~**~

Happy Holidays!