Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hello !!

Heyy, I haven't seen you in AGES !! xxx School soon !!

I'll keep you updated about my new school ! :D :D


>!@#$%^&*() Torz )(*&^%$#@<

Comment??? xx

Wednesday, January 16, 2013



I'm in a band ! I have a band with my friends !! arrghgh !!!


There is Mikayla, Bianca, Hannah, Jade and I !

Yay !! Thanks !!

OMG  !!!

Will keep you updated !! xxxxx

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btw.. my stage name is Torz :P

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Tremendous Adventure ??

Hello, I wouldn't exactly call this a tremendous adventure BUT I have some pictures :P

Ok, so today I did the gardening and I have my own garden...

It really really REALLY needed to be cleaned.. you know.. have weeds pulled out haha


I took some photos ....

BUT It isn't before and after :/

sah yeah :P

here they are :D

Hello, this is the SPIDER TERRITORY !!! :'( Too scared to clean it haha
Pretty much finished for today ;) 

EWWWWWWWWW Can you see the BIG SPIDER ??? *throws up 

All the weeds I took out..

Haha !! Please enjoy !! LOL 

My tremendous adventure haha

Ok, g2g I have to go to a bbq 

ttyl ;)

>!@#%^&*() Torz )(*&^%$#@!

OH and Happy Birthday to our beloved blogger and amazing friend.. DEVVY xxxxxx

Friday, January 11, 2013

Did you know ??

Hello :D Did you know..

That this is the 6th year of me playing keyboard and guitar !

I am so happy ! Been playing for basically have my life :)

My Grandad would always ask --

What do you like better

- Guitar


- Keyboard..

I still don't know.. they are both amazing..

And this would be the 3rd year of playing drums...

BUT Jake is wayyyy better.. I am shizzlepuff compared to him haha

and Mikayla ! You are soo good !


thanks :D

So did you know ?? Comment your thoughts x

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and like Devvy I'm

OUT !!

Hello again :P

Hello :D Haven't seen ya in a while ;)

How is life ??

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles broke up.. lol no more Haylor :D

I guess its good.. I mean he is only 18 ... and shes 23..



So yeah ... How is life .. ??

I need more Torzinators... Please come and follow me etc :D



Jamie Mc Dell :) -- She is soo cool :D

She is soo good -- especially live.. I probably already told you :D

thanks for coming x :D

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Check out my other blog if you want :)


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OUT !!


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Photos ( more )

These photos make me think of you .. well my Torzinators.. well some of them.. XD

Thanks xxx

>!@#$%^&*( Torz )(*&^%$#@! 

Some Nice Pictures :D

You might not think this is a nice picture - only because it is Taylor Swift - and you hate her for dating Harry Styles..

But I still love my Taylor because she is the reason I play three instruments and want to sing. She is my inspiration and she is the reason why I have a dream. I'm sorry if you have anything against her. It isn't my fault. She is beautiful and she is only dating your celebrity crush :P

So please no hate PLEASE ! I beg *gets down on knees..

Thank you ..

  she is apsolutely stunning.. Please post your thoughts on Haylor but please no hate - just put a comment - positive if you can xxx

And hearts because we deserve God's love in this world :) 

Thanks so much xxx

Torzinators ?? You there ?? Please comment ! I miss you so much xxx

Love from a desparete but loving..

>** Torz ** < 


Hello !! Can you PLEASE

Follow my other blog !! It needs followers desperately !!!!

Thanks so much !! xxxxxx

Here is the link :


Thanks !!

Please comment and follow my blog if you haven't already xxx

Thanks so much

Would like to give an extra thank you to my Torzinators xxx you know I love you xxx

3146 views !! It has gone up about 130 in not even a week !

Thanks !!

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AND Courtney I only wanted to know how many you got so I can help increase it xxx

GO TO MY friend Courtney's blog if you haven't already xxx


Thanks so much !!

Torzinators for life xxxxxxx

Love you xx

September 12 2010

Hello !! I first made my blog or joined in 2008 !!  It has been running for about 5 years !! Thanks so much for all of your support Torzinators !

September 12 - 2010 was the day I wrote my first post on this blog..

Now look at me now :D 104th post I THINK !!

WOW !!

Thanks so much !!

Please follow and comment on my blog !

You can find me on fb  :D

Thanks again

xxxx love you

and like Devvy... I'm...

OUT !!!!

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Looking at old blog posts :D

Oh old blog posts.. How I miss them SO..

Good times..

Talking about how Noor and I felt famous when we did our presentation for Social Studies..

We felt SO famous !!!

Oh I miss the times

thanks for everything ! I miss everyone !

( ^^^** Torz **^^^ )



Like Devvy..

OUT !!



My mother doesn't want me to put this up.. BUT I THINK THIS is hilarious..

Its a bit Niall of me - don't you think ;)

Mum - you're coming with me

Me - when

Mum - now

Me - why ?

Mum - I'll bring you ice cream ( food )    :)

Me - SURE !!

Good for me :3 LOL

           >** Torz ** <

Hello :D

DANG ruined the 100th post thingy XD Its the 101st post :D :D

Feels good :D

SO I was wanting to do a **MYSTERY PICTURE** like old days..

SO here goes..

I have FOUR for you to keep you busy xxxxx

Mystery Picture 1. who is this ?? xx
Mystery Picture 2. who is this ?? xx
Mystery Picture 3.  who is this ?? xx 

Mystery Picture 4. who is this ?? xx 
They are all celebrities ! I can give you clues 


1.  = he is from a famous boy band 
2. = she is dating a member from One Direction
3. = she is off a famous TV show
4. = She had a very famous song .. so you should call me soon ;) ;0

OKAY xxx Those are your clues xx

Please comment and check daily at my blog xx

Tomorrow I will be going travelling SO I might not be able to blog as much.. 

ALSO Next week we are hosting a holiday programme so I may not be able to post as much BUT I might put up photos... xxxxxx

Thanks SO MUCH Torzinators  xx you know I love you xxxx

3105 views xxxxxx

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OUT !!!

Next **MYSTERY PICTURES** I will change it up :D I might do - guess the instruments ;)

Thanks again..

You know I love you xxxxxxx


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

OML !!

OH MY LIFE!!! OMS !!!!



I am so happy !! 100th POST !!

I wanted to share this with you !! It has been a GREAT DAY !!

100th POST !!


100 posts of Tremendous Adventures with me - Torz !

I would like to thank my Torzinators !! I love you !

100th post - lets make the most of it !!

Love from your very happy host..

Thanks xxxxx

-- >*>>>** Torz **<<<*< --

Hello !!

Hello !! Today I went to the beach !! - 2nd January !!

It was great ! I discovered that I have a surf board !! IKR !! I am sah happy :P

BUT I caught a view waves AND I got on my board for the first time ! ( stood up on the board all by me self )

I am sah excited :D

YAY !! I finally can go surfing ! I am sah happy :D :D


xxx I am hosting a competition PLEASE take part - you can see the deets in my other posts..

Thanks SAH much Torzinators xxxx

>!@#$%^&*() Torz )(*&^%$#@!>

and like Devvy..

OUT !!!


Favourite Food ??

Hello, I want to know what your favourite food is  !

The competition IS that If your favourite food is MY favourite food THEN you win !! 

Please !! I can't wait for your comments !!   

Thanks Torzinators !! - 3064 views you know I love you xx

>!@#$%^&*( Torz )(*&^%$#@!>