Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sorry this post is random ( SORRY!! )

Hello again! Jake and I just made chocolate sauce and somehow I thought it tasted like Vegimite! OHH!!! So I had to get ANOTHER bit of Vanilla Ice-Cream ( YUM! ). I have HEAPS of photos from Tauranga and guess what! I took this AWESOME picture and it lterally looks like ART! Awesome art of course otherwise I wouldn't be teasing you. I have been continuing song writing ( I have five songs!! ) It's very exciting for me and I cant wait till I'm older to maybe sing with Shania on youtube ( thats if we're still friends! ) Anyway she has a lot of songs as well. Oh my gosh! I CAN'T WAIT FOR CHRISTMAS!! It's soooo exciting and with the HOLIDAYS as I well I will TRY keep you posted but if I don't then don't WORRY coz' I'm PROBABLY having fun ( most likely )

Sorry for this random BLOG POST! I just WANTED to go and say something XD

Thanks ;)

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PS: We had a bike safty programme today and it was REALLY akward because NOBODY rides bikes because " we're GIRLS!! " I mean C'MON!! Oh by the way I DIDN'T make it into the finals ( sigh!! ) oh well it wasn't THAT good but I did have BIG hand things ( you know what I mean, gestures ) By the way I think we chose a good school because I have learnt SO much! I have improved a lot and especially from the very first day I started school ( summerland ) I MISS YOU!! Oh well everyone MISSES their primay sometimes.

SORRY!! I'm just annoying you with my TALKINGS! But anyway - guess what I got a new phone weeks ago ( sorry forgot to tell you )

LOL - not really

I might be able to got to New Plymouth next year for a orieentering trip ( thats if I get in ) it's the thing where you have a map and you have a compass and on the map you have to make a route ( thats if there isn't already a route ) and you have to go to that place and put this tag in the beeper and then continue finding places ( you have to use your compass. )

When I did this earlier in the year I had to do the above and it was championships. This girl Renee Beverage ( yr 13 ) won and now she's going to Australia to repersent NZ ( I think ) Mum and Dad and heaps of other people, think that she's aiming for the OLYMPICS!!


Thanks once again!

I'll TRY keep you posted :)

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hello I'm going to talk about the cow's eye

Hello again! Last night I was teasing you with a little preview ( not really ) just telling you about the awesome thing that happened. I found a lot of mistakes in the text but I'm very sorry. Ok so I'll tell you what happened. Oh and I presented my speech on Monday ( just the Monday gone as it is Friday today ) I was the only one with a prop, no Q cards and doing a speech on having to do speeches while growing up. ANYWAY..I will start talking about the disection now.

The science teacher ( Ms Blount ) showed us how to do the disection by doing it herself. She showed us most of the parts of the eye. Ok so THINK of a cow. Think of how it would hurt having your eye out. Yeah, it would hurt. SO , if this was a PERSON or a LIVING cow you would have to do the disection CAREFULLY. And we had to do a disection of a DEAD cow's eye. Ok so first she said to take out the mussel and the stuff that is squeshy...( it looked and felt like GUTS! ) but DON'T worry we had gloves on. So we had to poke around this mussel and take it off. After that we had to look at the sclera ( the transparent part in front of the eye except it wasn't transparent because it was an old cow's eye so it was cloudy. She ( the teacher ) said that if you were fishing and you got a fish and it was dead ( or you were buying fish from the shop ) the eyes would be cloudy but if it would be fresh then the eyes wouldn't be cloudy. Ok so, after you take the sclera you come to cutting it off and then you come to two parts of the eye ( sounds boring and complicated I know ). After that we take a look at the pupil and the iris. Also we take a look at the Retina ( back of the eye ) and talk about how you see the image backwards in your eye and your brain converts it ( turns it upside down ) to make it go straight ( otherwise we would see EVERYTHING upside down! ) So the brain does that SO FAST! - It's SO amazing!! Okay, so after that a whole lot of black liquid comes out and we look at the lens and the jelly stuff ( forgot the name but it's A LOT like JELLY no kidding! )

Okay, so I think I've told you enough but it really gets me interested. Did you know some girl from another class FAINTED because she thought it was SO DISGUSTING!! Woah! Anyway Hannah ( not from our r22 class last year ) felt faint and didn't particapate she just read her book ( my english teacher wouldv'e been happy coz' she's reading! ) )


Thank you for reading my blog post I hope you enjoyed and tell me something gross that happened to you - ( maybe in class )

Thanks :)

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BTW - I will tell you later how our trip to Tauranga went :)

Guess What EVERYBODY??!!

Hello!! I havn't seen you in a while!! It's a bit late to talk about this now but I'm BURSTING to tell you!!!! WE DISECTED A COW'S EYE TODAY!!!! In science!! Sadly ( I'M VERY VERY VERY SORRY ) that I didn't get ANY photos ( ahhh I was thinking I should've brought my camera but the teacher wouldv'e taken it off me ) ( sorry she's not as =awesome with the photo thing as you Cheesey * but anyway! *

I'll talk to you later ( I'm SO sorry ) but I need sleep .... lol :)

Thanks can't wait to tell you how it went..

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hello again!

I'm SO in the mood for blogging today!! The other day in our Religeous Education class we had a releiver. She went on youtube and searched up a few songs. I think she thought we were year 8's or something because I think she thought that we were OBSESSED with this band from X Factor. ( they got put togther as a group ) Their name of the group is One Direction and the song is : you don't think your beautiful. Only a couple of us in the class had heard it before. Also she showed us this really cool korean song - it was called Gee and it goes Gee Gee Gee Gee baby baby baby baby Gee Gee etc. Oh did you know Justin Beiber is a father GROSS!!!!! YUCK!! OOOOOO! Next SUBJECT now. So the song is called Gee and it is by Girls Generation and it is SO COOL!

See you later!

~!! Torz !!~


Nawshi!! You were correct!! I just realised that I put the answer in the post!! LOL!! Anyway congrats and your prize will be ( hopefully soon...) you will be able to see me and I can see you and I might give a a prize then( probably a lollipop or something!! ) Ok guess what?? GUESS!! Nah, just kidding. Ok so we are doing SPEECHES now!! And yes my topic is half on speeches!! The topic is growing up so I'm saying how you have to do speeches when you are young and old and stuff. Anyway this is the intro! I hope you like it....

The day has finally come. The day you've been waiting for. This is the moment. You've been waiting your whole life. Or maybe, just maybe you've been trying to avoid this day for years. It's growing up. And what comes with growing up? Speeches!

So do you like it? Comment if you do please! I love comments! Oh I forgot to tell you about my exams! We had a 2 hour english exam on the Thursday. I still don't have my results ( sorry ) we also had an R.E exam ( still don't have results either) and I do have my results for the 2 hour exam for SCIENCE! I'm not a big fan but I try my hardest in every subject. I got 1 achived 3 merits and 1 excellence ( thats how they mark them ) have you realised I havn't used a full stop yet? It's because I've been using brackets. Anyway we had a one hour exam for Social Studies and I DO have the results. Guess what. I had to learn all of New Zealand in LESS THAN AN HOUR!! AHHH! But I STILL got EXCELLENCE!! Yay!! Those are all the results I know so far. So I'm pretty happy. Jake ( my brother ) passed his NCEA level 1 !! YAY! BUT he still has WAY more exams to come...Izzy Fizzy I know you can't wait for NCEA !! Lots of exams..oh well. I can't wait to see you next year! They are kind of strict. You know we havn't even had a MUFTI day yet!! Oh well we have to be grateful for clothes anyway!

Ok now I'm just babbling. Oh! Do you know Hun-ah aka Hannah from last year ( the awesome room 22 year 5 and 6 class??) WELL...she died her hair ( not all of it ) yellow ( ish blond but not as blond as Vanilla Ice aka Jake )

Wow! I really am babbling on...did you go to the fireworks on Saturday ( Guy Fawkes ) as in did you go to the Trust Stadium? Please comment below if you did !


Just so you know I've only really perfected the intro...nothing else...ahh


Please please please ( NO COMMAS! SORRY ) COMMENT I mean comment...SORYY!!!


Thanks for taking time to read my longest blogpost I've ever done ( at least I think so anyway )


Yours Sinceraly ( Just kidding I'm pretty sure I'm not writing a letter! )

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