Thursday, May 10, 2012



Yes. It is a FISH BUT what TYPE of fish???????????????????????? 

Please answer :0 

This week has been great.  I’m going to tell you something that happened everyday this week.
Monday:  I really can’t remember! I think it was one of those BORING days that you really can’t be bothered to remember!
Tuesday: I got to form class in the morning and discovered that a LOVELY teacher from last year had sent me a PRESENT!!! I was soo excited it felt like my birthday! I BROUGHT 5 BAGS TO SCHOOL! ( not my finest work ! ) Noor and I went to the LIBRARY from our school! That’s right. It was RAINING we were WALKING and we got PIZZA HUT ON THE WAY!!! FUN TIMES! FUN TIMES!!!
Wednesday:  My netball game! I got LOTS of intercepts. I ACCITENDLY ( truly ) PUSHED A GIRL OVER that was a bit bigger than me and said she was ‘ pissed off ‘ because HER TEAM WAS LOOSING!!! So you know what that means!!! My team won with 16 goals and the other team got 11!
Thursday: Social Studies presentation BY FAR!
Friday: Still to come :0 

I am SO sorry for the long wait you had to wait to hear my EXCITING NEWS!!!! GUESS WHAT???
Today in Social Studies my friend ( Noor ) and I had to do a presentation. I had told ALL my friends  that it would be HORRIBLE and guess what…. I lied!

So we came up to the front and the class started wondering why we were standing up there with such a FAIL poster. It looked like a piece of paper that had just came STRAIGHT OUT OF THE BIN!!!!!
So anyway, we got up there VERY nervous and started talking about our topic : Hurricanes. There was one in Florida etc in 2005 called Katrina. So we were talking about this and we gave an AMAZING intro!!!

We ripped up famous people that we hated. Noor hated Selena Gomez because she was dating Justin Bieber and she is in LOVE with him. I decided to rip up Taylor Lautner because Taylor SWIFT decided to MAKE-OUT with him and I’m SOOOO angry at her for doing that because now she ( secretly ) likes ZAC EFRON and we know it.
THIS IDEA IS FROM MR POPPERS PENGUINS!!! In that movie there is a scene with a grown man explaining  how his dad was in ships and things and made his boss experience it.
We did almost the EXACT thing with the class. We made them experience the HURRICANE by spraying water, taking the ripped paper and tipping it on their heads and most of all getting people from the class (including the teacher ) to come up and pretend  that their friend had a broken arm. They used safety kits that we brought from home and they used it ! It was SOO fun. AND AND AND!!! The WHOLE class got LOLLIES at the end because of US!!

OH OH OH! THERES MORE. The teacher told everyone with phones to take pictures of us with the hurt classmates ( at the time ) AND we felt like REAL POPSTARS!!! They were like PAPARAZZI taking pictures like we were and are ACTUALLY FAMOUS!!!!
I can’t believe it! We are finally the talk of the class and USUALLY the class hates us. Bonus!!

Thanks I hope you enjoyed.

( like olden days! )
( 2010 ) – I loved that year.