Sunday, January 23, 2011


Hi again! Its time for some MYSTERY PICTURES!! So the other day I went to the Zoo with a few cousins that came up from Hamilton. We saw lots of animals high and low and I loved the tiger! I got a few snaps of animals and reptiles. It was a exciting day filled with yummy ice-blocks and heaps of smiles. Anyway so heres your MYSTERY PICTURES of the week! :




Thanks! I can't wait to hear your comments! Have a great day and enjoy your last days of holidays!

Thanks again!

~** Torz **~

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Frogs, Slime And A Day In The Country.

Wow you wouldn't believe I did this! Miss Cheeseman you will love this! I was in the car going up to a friends place in the country and played my Taylor Swift music on my portable dvd player that I got for christmas. The next minute we were at her house and we went to see some ponds...and guess what!! There were green FROGS!! So my friend caught a few and then put one in my hand but this one went overboard..into the long grass hopping away looking for the nearest pond! So I look at another pond and I see seads that have devolped into real green SLIME!!! "OOOOOhhh you have got to be kidding me!! " I said with a kind of attitude! Seriously letting my friend just stand there and play with slime made me felt really gooey and when it had just come out of the water it had this kind of watery dripping look. Man I can't BELEIVE I touched SLIME and FROGS in one day!! So we ran to our parents to tell them! Mum said that it was great to be touching green slimey slime and green frogs that go overboard. I had a great day hanging out touching slime and going to this house that was one road away from the beach! Well just imagine it..the ocean and the view right inside your house..just lovely. We counted 218 DEAD CRABS on that beach and I was trying very hard not to step on them even though they were dead. There were many many more crabs that we didn't count but its not like we had all day. When we were back at her house we decided to make cards with scrapbooking paper and stickers. I made a birthday card with stripes and words. A day later ( today ) I decided to make some more cards and I made an awesome card with sand and some flowers that you get near the sand dunes. I have a picture as well:

This is the awesome card!

I also took this tremendous picture of the sunset. It is BEAUTIFUL!!

Wow a picture like that just makes you love it!

Thanks ever so much! Have happy, safe holidays and happy birthday to Devz! :)

~** Torz **~

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Summer Is All About....


Its also about staying in an apartment for 3 days looking out to a few pools. The next minute your on your bed sipping Lemon Lime and Bitters eating lollies and working on a wordsearch..doesn't that sound wonderful...well it was! I got some great snaps of the mount to! We went to cafes and we walked to the shops. It was a great holiday away. We walked to the beach and got some sand for our art and some of those beach flowers...they were spikey! I can't wait to do some art with shells and take more pictures. I have some photos off my camera so here!:

Pilot Bay ( The other side of the Mount )

!The Mount!

Man I love going away to the Mount for a holiday espicially the hot ocean water..but really we should be careful in the water because when the water is hot it means there might be sharks and a few weeks ago they had to close the beach because there was a shark...scary but not for Jared and Tamir ( boys in my class last year )

Thanks for read'n! Have a nice day!

~** Torz **~

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Hi everyone hope you had a fun new year. Its time for the new MYSTERY PICTURES!! I will try to put up at least 3 pics a week for you so heres to it!




I hope you have fun guessing!!

~**~ Torz ~**~

Happy Holidays!