Tuesday, September 28, 2010

And the winner is....

( This is the picture of the MYSTERY puppy...it is a Shih tzu! )
And the winners for the CUTE mystery puppy picture are..Dain, Izzy and Nawshi!! Thank-you all for the comments I liked the comment from Louisa! - about how the puppy that had to be brushed!! You all are winners so share the great feeling between you all! Thanks and I put up some more MYSTERY pictures later on!

P.S: these are links to Dain, Izzy and Louisa's blogs..It would mean a lot if you visited them! :)




Thank-you enjoy your day :)

~** Torz **~

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Puppies puppies puppies!!

The cute puppies with AWESOME hair styles!!
Wow I really like puppies. They are really cute and as they grow up the get more loyal. I don't own an animal myself but when I get older I probably will. I have a few friends that own dogs and cats and they have so much fun together. I enjoy watching Animal Rescue on t.v and Its really tremendous and exeiting when the rescue pets that need help from the S.P.C.A. S.P.C.A stands for Society Prevention Cruelty Animals and it is awesome to see that they are helping animals all the time :) If you know a bit about dogs please tell me because I am starting to really get in to them :)  Here is a few pictures of some awesome cute hair styles on dogs!!

Thanks and I can't wait for more comments! 

~** Torz **~


And the winners are...for the MYSTERY mountain is...wait for it wait...................wait.........wait....

CONGRATULATIONS Rhiannon and Miss Cheeseman!! You won...( the only peeps that commented!!)

Thanks for all your comments and please have a guess at what type of dog..( on the other post )  by the way the MYSTERY mountain was Mount Maunganui aka Mt Maunganui!


~** Torz **~

p.s: U ROCK!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Guess what type...

Hi again have a guess at what type of puppy this is..it is very cute...and its first letter is an " s "! - and thats your clue! :) 

Happy Guessing...


~** Torz **~ 

p.s If you read this post your AWESOME and you know it!  :) 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Defend, defend and gooo!!! We SCORE!! Yessssss!!

   One sunny morning I leapt out of bed with excitement! It was the day we had all waited for...all year we had been waiting....all the year fives and sixes had to choose a sport to do today. I chose soccer. Lots of my friends did it witch was a bonus but we were all in different teams :(! It was really exiting and nerve-recking when we went onto the soccer field! For the first game we were versing Western Hights  school and they won. We all went to congratulate them. For the second game we were versing Pomaria school and when the ball was near my feet I went in and got it away from their goal with a HUMONGOUS kick I was so delighted that I did that big kick and then....even better we scored a GOAL!! Yay we won the game...after we had a break and drank lots of water so we wouldn't dehydrate! After about ten minutes we had another game. We were versing Henderson North school and the people on defence tried and tried including me to get that ball out of their zone to score....but they eventually got a goal and another goal and a home goal! Wow great game - very exhausting! A few minutes we came and congratulated them and the said " Good game! ". About five minutes later it was a finale. We were versing Pomaria Primary school and we won buy 1! We won 3 nil and the got 2. I really enjoyed it and we came 3rd out of the other 3 schools.  Their were lots of different teams for soccer and the team I was in was team 1. Their were 3 different teams around the same level. I think everyone enjoyed the day especially me! After all the games we all smealt sweaty!!


~** Tors **~

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mysterious Mountain!!

Hi again see if you can guess what mountain this is...I'll give you a clue...Its in New Zealand and I walked up it in the weekend and you can also walk around it!!

Happy guessing!


~** Torz **~

Here Is A Mystery Picture..

Hi please have a go at what the MYSTERY picture is: 

Happy guessing! Please comment have a great day!! :)


~** Torz **~

Trip To Tauranga :)

One sunny bright sparkling sunny morning...I was packing my bags for a trip to Mt Maunganui, Tauranga. We went in the car and ate lollies on the way. On the way we went through places like Paeroa and Ngatea and Katikati. When we got to Tauranga we stayed at the Atrium apartments for two nights. I got to take a day off school so I could pack. We stayed that night and went to the hot pools. On Saturday night we went out and had dinner with a lot of freinds and family. I liked it how at the apartment I could sleep in on the morning and not have to worry about going to school! We had a great time looking at the beautiful green and blue sparkling ocean from our seats. I think we all had a fantastic time I recommend it! ( The picture is the front of the Atrium. )

~** Torz**~  

Hi Welcome To My Blog!!

Hi Welcome to my blog! Its nice to see you looking at my blog...as you can see I'm new to this so I will try to keep up with lots of posts! :) I'm glad your here soon I will put up a  mystery photo that you have to guess and I will tell you who would be the winner! Feel free to comment and ask questions! :)


~** Tors **~

who ever reads this post is awesome!! :)