Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hello again...don't you just LOVE school holidays??

Well if your bored & your allowed on the computer you should play these awesome games...just click the link and your up, up, & away :) well you know what I mean!

also if you clock all these games then just have a look on gamefudge website. There are heaps of fun games but some of them you might get irritated and annoyed with... :) teehee

For your holiday compitition / quiz you have to tell me what sport these people play...& if you have the glory from my blog :) ...

1) Irene van Dyk
2) Dan Carter
3) David Beckham
4) Alexandra Stevenson
5) Colin Meads
... some are hard & some are very easy :)

Have great holidays :)

** Torz **

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Did You Know?

Hello again...did you know that Auckland had a 2.9 earthquake on Friday 1st July? I think it was something to do with the volcanic thing because the centre of the earthquake was at Mission Bay. Things you learn huh? Anyway you probably heard a big bang ( for the earthquake ) and so Dad & I thought it was a big truck passing our house but it was the earthquake.

Sorry I havn't been keeping up but I try to in my spear time. Oh & we got a black drum kit!!! Yay so now we are learning the drums " oh yeah!!" :P

Thanks :)

>**! Torz !**<

Woo we have so much english homework ... I'm not even kidding :(