Thursday, July 4, 2013


I performed in Stage Challenge yesterday!!! Sahh much fun!! I enjoyed it so much!! Woah! Moments you never forget!!! Ever ! Haha there was a music video with dancing :D It was very cute

Woah! The moment I started dancing, I felt famous with the bass music and the cheering ! I almost felt like a cheerleader too - the kind of movie moves ish

It was amazing :D :D

But we didn't win :/ Orewa did! They were amazing I'm so proud of them too!

First time I ever performed in a front of..hmm...25,000 peeps...

Yahhp :D

It was fabulous! But it feels like it was a very long day - in which it was.. but I remember saying ... oh .. we were performing 2 hours ago.... woahh... now its been ages ago.. haha it was a great day :D Out of school too !! SHOTTIESS

Met a whole lot of new people through Stage Challenge, went to every rehearsal I had to and I really had fun :D

Thanks to everyone ILY

>!@#$%^&*() Torz (*&^%$#@!>

3,2,1.... #FEARLESS

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Sorry!! I have been sooooooooooooooooooooooo busy!!

Stage Challenge tomorrow :D OMG ! Have to be at school at 7.15 and come back home around midnight!! WOahh long day for me nd ma bro ghee

I have been so busy! Hey, I got an excellence for one of my reading responses...and my friends and I are planning a trip around the world! Life is what you make of it !

#YOL>!@#$%^&*() Torz )(*&^%$#@!

Thanks forevers ghees x love ya and MISS ya !

Sunday, June 2, 2013


June...already! Woah, this year has gone sooo fast XD !! I have a few things going on...have music competitions soon and Stage Challenge soon...also the Talent Quest at my school :D So yeah I haven't been on here in quite a while - I know and I am sorry for that..

Life is what you make of it...

            Especially when you're standing in the spotlight..

>!@#$%^&*() Torz *&^%$#@!>

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Thrilling...hmmm Netball...

Heart paces around the netball court...or as it feels like. Mind is blank..but to only think about what instinctively you have to do...

This is my life.

Every Saturday.

I have ...

the thrilling...


It takes so much energy out of me - that by the end I am like a tomato..forget like I AM a tomato !!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What I Miss...

What I miss...I miss how in the holidays I never had to do homework...I never had to sit down for hours to study or always forget to play music...

I miss the days...when I would always sing Taylor Swift songs, like she was my sister, my favourite singer ever...or maybe even earlier than that - Hilary Duff - I used to love her ! Always used to watch her on TV and sing those songs...

I remember my first performance as a child..I made mistakes...I clapped my hands..not caring what others thought of me...what I looked like...but sincerily knowing what I was doing and who I was..

I miss waking up in the mornings and sitting down and spilling hot chocolate on my new pajamas..I miss those was always a mystery...never knew what I was going to do...always knew I loved singing and dancing...but little did I know..

Little did I know..that I would ever play music..that it would turn into my life...I discovered that I've been playing those instruments for more than five years now...five great years of my life... discovering more about who I am and want to be..

I miss those keyboard lessons I would go to at school every Monday morning...when I knew Monday-Itis but always tried to fight it...and what about those Fridays ??? If I remember correctly.. those jump jam sessions...I would dance my life out...because I knew I'd never get those years back..that one day in my heart I would MISS those days...where a smile was a genuine one...I remember those guitar lessons I'd go to Geordie for - with Shania my best friend...those were the days...the days I would love to just go back to - even just for a day...where life was so much different...

and thats what life is all in the moments..being yourself and not caring about what others think of you...and then you grow up ... missing those days because now youre confused...BUT REALLY youre just sick and tired of doing you sit on your blog writing random shizzlepuff just to take your mind off that reading response you have no idea how to do - thats due when you come back to school...and then what...just to find out there is MORE homework...

Oh how I miss the old days greatly...

but then IS what you make of it...

especially when you're standing ... in the     SPOTLIGHT

nice line right ;) made it up mahself brah :0 haha

and also

When a world is full of black and white MUSIC♫ is the colour :D

also made that up too  xx

So .. I also miss the days when I would come home quickly JUST to watch Spongbob on TV...and then I'd always get refreshments too just for the extra intenseness of weird yellowness on the screen...

So that is a bit...about what I miss...

Love from your tired but enjoying life galpal

>!@#$%^&*() Torz )(*&^%$#@!>

Have a great day x

Monday, April 29, 2013

I Moustache You A Question :P

Haee x I MOUSTACHE you a question coz imma b super bored :D haha soz

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Hii! Its the end of the first week of the holidays :/ went pretty fast woo I've been working for my mum :D yay lol a lottt off work ! Wooo! BUT worth it :D :D

Yahpp :D x

Have fun - i miss seeing my friends ! I've only hanged out with one ! in this holidays ! :/

Anyway ! :D Life goes on ! Life is what you make of it :D

Happy Days are HERE to stay

>!@#$%^&*() Torz )(*&^%$#@!

Thank you everybody - and hae I still dance hardout even when im NOT meant to ... hmm the show... hmm .. oh well its something i have that will stick with me forever ! i cant change it ! oh well :D