Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Easter!

Hello again, in a weeks time it's easter so I am going to make little boxes ( we learnt in maths ) and put little easter egggs in. I'm also going to colour the box with lots of colours. As you know easter is all about Jesus dying on the cross and coming alive in a few days. Its called the Resurrection...( we learnt this in r.e of course.) I have a bit of homework to do in the holidays but it's bound to happen. I have to write three haiku poems about the sea, colour in this sketch in r.e, paint sea creatures for art, make a postcard about a planet I like in science and last but not least create a box for maths. Easy peasy you might be thinking. Well it sort of is except I have more things I want to do in the holidays then homework like...nah just kidding I won't bore you with my long list!! Anyway so Happy Happy Easter and I hope you all have great holidays!

Happy Holidays! - have fun on your easter egg hunt!

>**~ Torz ~**<

BY THE WAY THIS is a post that I didn't publish AGES ago!! I'm so sorry but I hope you had a great easter anyway! And every other special day ( anzac, labour day, guy fawkes etc)

Oh by the way about a week ago I got given a sports award ( at the sports prizegiving ) It was very exciting and I got the most valued award for netball out of my team. We went to burger king after that because we hadn't had dinner. I just remembered that it would've been tonight ( a week ago ) that I got it. Tenera, Rhiannon and I are all in the same class. I'm mainly friends with Tenera but Rhiannon and Tenera are still having fights about CHAIRS!! I know right! Oh well some people just NEVER

Thanks again ~:() fail attempt of Homer Simpson ( I have a book some where at home that tells you what arrows to use and stuff )

~!@#$$%% Torz %%$$#@!~

Thanks again :)