Saturday, September 10, 2011

Is is a shark attack??!!

Hello...I havn't seen you in a while. Yesterday it was Dad's birthday & so to celebrate we went on a boat, with a few friends. We had to drive for about 45 mins to get the the glenbrook beach warf. We all got ourselves into the dingy & we were off. They ( the other fam ) own a dark blue boat ... " She's a beauty " my Dad would say. When we got to the boat we all greeted eachother, and my friend Kayleigh showed me around the boat. Ok so, theres a kitchen, home theatre, toilet / bathroom, lounge & a few more places to sleep. But they were quite damp from the leak that went up to about a metre. ( But apparently that happend last time..) It took about 2 hrs ( probably less ) to get to our destination ' Cornwallis. ' Last time Kayleigh went she lost her bright green watch, so its probably gone by now because we couldn't find it. It was fun playing with the different coloured sand & my coke can. ( It was empty ) I'm not sure what to say now because this was about two weeks ago...

We went fishing for a while & Jake's friend Mitchell caught a shark. It was small but the other family kept getting sharks as well. So of course we were in SHARK TERRITORY!!! Oh well. At least we didn't get eaten! Did you know that the chinese cut off shark fins ( and leave a open wound ) and chuck them back in...sad :(

Sorry I havn't posted anything in AGES but I have been VERY busy :)


Ciao ... ( chow ) - italian

Zai Jian ( Zai Gen ) - Manderin ( type of Chinese language )


Hope you have a great day!

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