Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Do you have a favourite subject? Well I do and it is English. I had to write a description of the sea the other day. It might give you some ideas of some ways to describe things. I hope you enjoy! Imagine this..picture it in your mind...

The sound of waves overtaking the sand as it gradually makes its way through. The feeling of the soft, warm sand as it grips on in between my toes as I walk slowly. I suddenly hear the squawking of seagulls as they try to get away from chasing kids screaming and laughing. As I step in I feel cold but warm tingly water around my ankles but little did I know, that I had stepped on millions of shells different shapes and different colours all different sizes.

I overlook the glistening blue sea as the sun shines down on it...I suddenly realise that its not just the sea its approached...its me too! I could feel it burning hard as I splashed around pretending to be an eight year old.

I had remembered that I had bought something long and pointish at the top. ( I don't even think pointish is a word! ) So I quickly ran out of the water feeling the water going down, down and down. When I reached the lovely sand I grabbed my white, yellow, black and pink surfboard out of it's bag. I had it at my side and ran for the sea feeling the water going past my ankles...past my knees...and just past my thigh. I quickly saw a great wave coming up so I ran for it and as soon as I knew it I was riding the wave! I had really cought it! It was like the ride of my life hearing the waves crashing just above my head as it formed a mystical tunnel...filled with magical fish with rainbow coloured scales. As I came out of this mystical, magical tunnel I felt the dash of sea salt hit me with its greatest desires and then thought really the sea is beautiful..no really!

As I finish the surf I rushed out and put it back in it's special bag and went back out to sea..as I head in I sea rubbish in between rocks and around and as I moved every muscle the wind took it through it's amazing, tremendous journey across the sky back into the ocean and the back out again and across plenty of rocks and on land just above the sand and I thought wow the sea is very peaceful, fun and very very mystical. You never know whats going to come next..maybe even a tsunami! Who knows!! :)

Thanks for reading my tremendous descriptive writing I hope you enjoyed and that it could maybe help in some way!

Thanks again your very lucky to have Miss Cheeseman for a teacher! ( I miss everyone! )

~** Torz **~

p.s My english teacher is awesome! - having lots of fun! :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


HAPPY HAPPY DAYS!!! To the winner for the Zoo MYSTERY PICTURE winner!! You got them ALL right! Congratulations Gaberm great job..( I hope I spelt your name right! ) Wow you get the awesome feeling of being able to win the great glory of winning now how does that feel?! mmm...yep and so...ah yes..awesome..! Have a great day..but wait the answer was ( that Gaberm got right were..) 1 Emu, 2 Tiger and number 3..Red Panda - which was a bit hard because you couldn't see his face ( for now he's a guy )

Thanks for all the comments :)


~** Torz **~

ps if you go to the Zoo sometime make sure you see the lions and tigers!


The SIMPSONS!! On channel FOUR every night there is The Simpsons 7:00 pm..they are **new** episodes! The simpsons are very funny..sometimes dumb and really humorous. There are lots of characters in simpsons and you can see more in the movie. I thought you might like to see a picture of all the characters: enjoy:

And of coarse you have to have....

Thanks have a awesome day!

~** Torz **~

p.s simpsons rock but you rock even more!

Such A Big Place With Sooo Many Classes!

Wow I started at a college the other week and it is such a big place. The other day I had to ask everyone: " can you help me find r.e class? " I was soo lost I almost cried. But then somebody told me where it was. Today when I went I had to follow a girl in my form room class so I could get there on time and with a smile on my face! R.E stands for religious education just if you didn't know. I can't believe I had to abonden a school I loved and had been there all my school life to come to a bigger school where I hardly don't know anyone. But somedays are just life and when its one of those days you just have to deal with it ( instead of being embarassed and about to cry about an r.e class..gosh sometimes I betcha they moved the class away so I couldn't find it! ) Anyway moving on from my sadness is....well who likes homework!! Ohh I see no hands up oh maybe a couple..well I get a bit of it and I finsih at about 3 30 ish and like start 20 mins before you guys...so unfair ay?! But really homework isn't that bad. You should always do homework other wise you will get lower grades or a detention...does anyone like detention? Exactly. So...I have 5 classes a day and then form time. Form time is when you read for 15 mins and talk to your teacher. Simple. But wait theres more...can you believe this person...anyway so if I get 5 classes a day do you know how much homework I have to do in a small 2 hours...exactly...lol!

Wow this is very good for my learning if I am writing a blog or in a journel..( my english teacher says ) so I will try to write on here a bit more often!

Thanks =)

~** Torz **~