Monday, December 31, 2012

Hii !!


This is my video that I put up of me playing Someone Like You - its by Adele..

If you have a youtube account PLEASE

Subscribe, comment and like !!

Thanks SO much I will give you the links

I have 2 videos

Someone Like You - Adele = played by me ( Torz ) - It took about a year to learn the whole thing.. yeahhh


They Don't Know About Us - One Direction = me playing guitar and singing !

Please, I hope you enjoy it ! Otherwise comment and stuff

Oh please !! PLEASE !! *gets down on both knees *starts pleading *starts begging

Thanks xxxx

Like Devvy I'm


and like OLD days ..

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Hello !! Miss talking to ya !

I replied to your message you sent me TWO YEARS AGO !

I am sooo sorry !! I AM SO SORRY !

You wanted the links to the videos !

Ok well IF YOU STILL WANT THEM !! Then  here they are !

One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful  ( I originally thought the song was called ' You Don't Know You're Beautiful ) BUT it wasn't.// obviously :D 

and Girls Generation Gee 

and yes I AM SOO IN the mood for blogging ;)

Like old times ! I miss the old times !

Ok like Devvy I'm

OUT !!

Like old days..

~** Torz **~

Don't forget to smile today !

Its a new dawn, its a new day, its a new life... and I'm feeling GOOD

Carly Rose Sonenclar style XD

Anyway - don't forget to smile today ! Be happy ! I hope your first word of 2013 was Happy..

" Happy ( New Year ) " get it ? LOL

Yeah I am so NOT funny ( cries in corner ) ( hides face awkwardly ) (cries )

^.^  = Eno / Ehsaas style XD ( good friends of mine )

Yeahh Happy Days

Don't forget to SMILE okay /?

They ARE contagious !

Enjoy the new year ! Enjoy the year !

 ~** Torz ** ~


I found this nice picture !!

BTW thanks to all my Torzinators I HAVE 3042 views !!

Thanks SO MUCH I LOVE YOU !!! xxxxx

2013 is HERE !!

Hello !! First post for the YEAR !! And this MONTH ! And this MINUTE ;)

I seriously cannot possibly BELIEVE this !!

2013 is here !!

Happy New Year everybody !! 2013 should be good !!

I'm off to high school now ! I:M SO OLD ;)


So how IS LIFE FOR ya in this NEW YEAR ??

Happy Days !

First food of 2013 - Apple Pie
Fist drink of 2013 - Hot Chocolate..

BTW I got that food from Mc Donalds XD

Good times ! Have a great year everyone ! You deserve it xxx

Thanks so much ! I have 3027 VIEWS ! ARGH You don't know how happy I am !!

Thank you TORZINATORS xxx

>!@#$%^&*() Torz )(*&^%$#@!>

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hello !!

Heyy :P How is life ?

To be honest..

I am so happy !!

I have 3017 and probs MORE views !! YAY !

Thank you SO much !!!

xx Love ya

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like Devvy

OUT !!!!


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas !

Hello, Its is Christmas tomorrow !!

Just want to say Happy Holidays ! Remember the reason for the season..

Yes I have had the pink camera for 2 years now, it is great !

I have brought it with me to Concerts, Camps and much more ! LOL

xxx Merry Christmas and a happy new year ! 2013 here we come !


and like Devvy..

OUT !!


Love ya xxx

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Thank You SO MUCH !!

Heyy !!

I have found that over 2 years I HAVE HAD 3,001 views !! Thank you sooo much !!

I want to say a HUGE thank you to me Torz-an-ators !!



My fans are amazing !! Thanks SO much

Love and VERY MUCH love and happiness

From you VERY HAPPY blogger !

I love you guys ! You make me feel SO special !!

Love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I have been a blogger since 2010

IN another 10 posts... IT WILL BE MY 100th POST !!

Please be here to experience the funness

BY for now

and Like Devvy I'm



!@#$%^&*() Torz )(*&^%$#@!>

Love you !! xxx

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Do you know how special I FEEL ????

Hello ! Do you know how SPECIAL I feel ???

Okay, so on Google, it is my birthday ! They put up a whole thing for me !! ( But sadly you can't see it - because you have to be on my account )


especially for me ;D

yaya ! so happy

~@#$^&*( Torz )(*&^%$#@!~

Like Devvy I'm


I just love doing that Devvy and saying its from you... it makes me feel SPECIAL :3


love ya xxx


It was a dark night, stars shining like the moon. Dad had gone out so we thought we should to. We went to the mall to get my brother's hair done but it couldn't be done. The next minute I see this hot pink cyber-shot camera. I was soo excited that I bought it. The next minute we were out of the mall and eating at Burger King..I bought the rodeo burger favourite!! I love the taste of mayonase, bbq sauce and onion rings. Mmmmmm. The next morning we were putting our luggage into the car. Mum said " lets go!! " and we did. We got stuck in the traffic on lincoln road and on the moterway from all the people driving to work. We decided to drive into Mc Donalds because I felt sick! YAY!!! We all got hash-browns and Mc Muffins. We all enjoyed it and we all went to the car. The car felt warm...this hasn't happened before. So we hopped in not wondering what would happen. We drove through all the traffic and I took some videos on my new camera. We had to stop in the Karahake Gorge because we had burned out or lost the fanbelt. We had to call a transporter ( tow truck ) to take us away.

This is an old story about me getting my first pink camera, then the next morning driving to Tauranga.

This story was 2 years ago..

This has been in my draft pile for a while

I hope you enjoy this

xxx thanks to you all

~!@#$%^&*() Torz )(*&^%$#@!~

and like Devvy


I just love saying thats ur trade mark Devvy


Like Devvy..




Hi.. hello DEVVY xxx LOL

How is life everybody ??

I am learning apologize by One Republic ( I'm tempted to write One Direction )


and I'm learning Battle Scars by Guy Sebastion


that laugh is so cheesey..


~!@#$%^&*() Torz )(*^&%#@!~

And like Devvy.. .

OUT !  :P

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas is coming !!

Hello, Christmas is near, so share all the good moments etc with your family and the people you love.

Just wanting to thank everyone for all the support and good things over the years.

This year has been a tough one but with your help, I got through it too.. Even if you didn't comment, it feels good to talk about things on here :D :D

I hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Year..

Do you know Megan Nicole ?

She is nineteen ( like Jamie ) and she lives in America and she is so pretty and nice !

Taylor Swift is SO OLD ! 23 !

I wonder where we will be in 10 years.. whats going to happen..

anyway have a great New Year - new years resolutions

I remember last year I made goals and I achieved them  ! So happy because of that..

OMS - Oh My Shoes

2012 is almost over... kinda freaking out right now ;D

*** Torz ***

LOL kind of like old days xx THANKS to you fans for helping.. and listening to me blabbering on and on and on

I don't even have that much fans :(

K bye xx

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hello again :D

Heyy !! How is life ?? Comment below :D LOL inspired by D.M ( Dev ) or DEVVY xx your new blogger name from me ;)

Taylor Swift has just turned 23 and she has a new video out. It is called I Knew You Were Trouble.. it is amazing... and super swifty.. it is A WHOLE new side of Swift.. you should TOATS ( totes ) watch it :D

2012 is almost over ! It feels like it barely just started XD JK!


Do you remember me talking about Cher Lloyd ??

I found out that I discovered her about A YEAR AGO.. what a year it has been.. I actaully saw her in concert ! It was soo much fun, I went with my brother..

Hey Cheesey :D I heard about the 10 year Reunion thingy but I didn't really want to go because it could be really awks because I haven't seen barely anyone in ages BUT Jake went.. so yeah

I say hi to you now :D

Do you know Jamie McDell ?? I    MET   her! She has an amazing voice..

My mum reckons Carly Rose Sonnenclar has a better voice than Taylor Swift and Britney Spears and possibly Demi Lovato...

If you don't know who Carly Rose Sonnenclar is you HAVE to watch X Factor.. she is AMAZING I am not even kidding.. she is 13 and she has SO much potential in the music industry.. ( not kidding )

She is already famous because of her X Factor ness..

There is Tate Stevens and Fifth Harmony left now.. with Carly.. and I think Carly is really good and should win it.. BUT Tate should win it as well, only because he doesn't have a job back home etc...

SO who do you think should win ??

The show is on TV 3  ( nz ) LOL on Thursday and Friday nights..

Yeah I hope you can watch it,...


Thanks to all my blogger fans I love you soo much xxxxx

love from Torz

~!@#$%^&*() Torz )(*&^%$#@!~

Saturday, December 1, 2012

I Miss You !!

Hi blogger fans ! xxxx I miss you SOOO MUCH !!

I love my blogger fans !! SO much !!

I was on camp for 4 days !! It was so much fun !  I put pics up on facebook !


Izzy Fizzy

( cough Isabella )

Hi Isabella

one more week !! Till holidays !! YAY! But then again.. NOOO

Because I'm leaving you... lol


Jamie McDell

and THIS is a GIRL

( for all you wondering... COUGH COUGH gold.. )


don't worry.. they won't be reading my blog - its ALGOODZ

lol ^^

>!@#$%^&*( Torz )(*&^%$#

Forever and Always from the Torz who will and always be posting stuff on this blog.. I love you forever !

I still play three instruments DONT WORRY ( cough, Miss Cheeseman ) If you were wondering..


I'm sorry.. I feel like blabbering today.. SOZ ( sorry )


I feel so weird.. Like I'm heartbroken but hungry ... yeahh

This life.. is so

RED - getting at Taylor's album song idea thingy there.. BTW


OMS - Oh My Shoes..

Jamie McDell is SO nice ! This is one of her videos :  

>!@#$%^&*()  Torz )(*&^%$#@!>