Sunday, December 12, 2010

The History Of NZ Jandals!

Jandals were first invented by Morris Yock in Auckland New Zealand. Did you know that jandals are made from rubber. " Where does rubber come from? " It comes from a type of rubber tree..and some of the best rubber jandals are from Thailand. " Well where did the name ' Jandals ' come from?" The name jandals came from a japanese sandal. Jandals are a great type of shoe to wear because you can put it in water and it will can also feel the lovely sand as well. Did you know that the jandal strap is in a Y shape but backwards!! Wow jandals are my all time summer shoes. Jandals have many names...flip flops...thongs..thong sandals...slip slaps...pluggers...toesies..zories and of coarse our NZ name JANDALS!!

Yay for summer have awesome safe holidays.


P.S: I wanted to get photos of jandals on here but they just went into a different world and the photos turned to words. apolegies.

Summer Is Heating Up!! - And Fast!!

Yes summer is finally here! I can't wait for the times when you splash in the salty water at the beach and have sand castle compitions. There are lots of fun activities to do in the summer..and heres a few activities right here right only get it here and right now!! So :
You could take a trip overseas to Singapore or Australia!
You could play at the park with you besties for a few hours.
You could fly in a helicopter way up in the sky overvewing the sandy, shelly beach.
You could travel the world in monoply and beat you brother or sister ( like I did )
You could have a water fight or even sit down, relax and eat strawberries..flop your jandals off and overlook the beach or maybe a relaxing resort.
So thats a lot of summary ideas for summer oh wait! I forgot one rule and it will always be a rule! have FUN!! Thats a biggie. Righty ho thanks for reading my have a nice day!



P.S : You rock and you sooo now it and Taylor Swift will always rock!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Tremendous Day In The Country!

It was a cloudy day...I gave my friend a call and I got to go to her house and have a swim.You wouldn't believe how cold her pool was! Well it was below 20 degrees celcius.. and the only way to get used to the temperture of the pool is to dive in first..and remember to always have your hands in a triangle shape. So we suddenly went into the car with all our stuff and we went into the country for a work party. On the way I took some pictures with my new camera of the hills. It was an amazing journey you know traveling in the hillside and having lots of fun eating 3 or more ice-creams and bouncing on the bouncy party. It was a fun work party and it happens every year. The next minute lots of people were crouding the horses so we raced down to have a look and the ponie's name was called Peanut. It was called Peanut because it was peanut colour and it was a little small like a peanut to. They other horse was a nice browny blacky horse and he was called Morgan. Morgan is a perfect name for a horse or maybe a honey. Anyway I got to have 3 rides on Morgan but I was to tall for Peanut. Noooo I really wanted to ride peanut but I was still to tall but good thing the little babies got a turn..lucky them!! So after our horse rides we had sausages for dinner and lots of summer strawberries...its truley summer! I can't wait for those days when its sterling hot and you just want to jump in a pool! So today was an awesome day and hope every where would be as awesome as that...and hey they had a trumpet band and one of the girls did a peace singn to me before they started. I think they were an awesome band and I wish I would play like that! I love the sound of christmas music by trumpets. It really was amazing and when we had to go we really didn't want to. It was a lovely day with friends. I really think this day is one of the best days summer can bring us and there is plenty more coming..make sure you where your jandals on the beach this summer and not your!


>##!((@ TORZ!! @))!##<

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why do we need SPIDERS?????

Hmm I wonder why we need spiders. Of coarse we need them to eat our flies but surely not to scare us. This morning I saw a baby cockroach and then a spider. Its sad all the bugs have to come into your house when its raining or when its really humid. But really they would die if they were outside. Spiders are nearly everywhere. They can bite..when you annoy them. Thats a pretty reasonable answer for them to bite. I mean I would bite if I was a spider and somebody was going to stamp on me. Spiders are cool in someways. They have way more legs than us and pretty deadly fangs..( WHITE TAILS!!! ) Seriously I think that we really shouldn't have spiders but they are good in someways. Its interesting when you go to the zoo and you see that tralanchalas. So when you see a spider and you scream..its totally if its tiny...squash it like a bug!!



~!**!~ Torz ~!**!~