Sunday, October 31, 2010

_~*~_ Fast _~*~_ Pictures_~*~_

 Click click click click goes the camera....Louisa, Liutu and I went out to take some FAST pictures. We had to go to the playground and sandpit to take these. It was really fun trying to take pictures with people in the middle of the air and bark like confetti. Some tips on taking fast photos are...
1. Make sure you take a photo with water or someone floating in the air.

This is bark thrown into the air like confetti! CELEBRATE!!

2. How do we take photos so that the water or person is in the air? Well you position the camera in the place you think the person or water is going to that I mean you make the person jump off something or drop a stone in the water and you take a picture where you think the rock or person is going to land. Any way so I think frozen water is quite cool and interesting. If you like frozen water and taking should hurry up on your art ( without rushing it ) and finish so you can come with us and take some frozen water or fast the way speaking of it...we took some pictures so here is some good ones!:

This is Louisa and I jumping in thin air! LOL


~** Torz**~

Saturday, October 30, 2010


I was walking to the park with my brother and we could see a silhouette of trees and houses. I was wearing my new jandals....when we got home ( when it was darker ) a SILLY SILLY stupid bird POOPED on my FOOT and I said " YUK!! You have go to be kidding me! " So I ran inside eager to show what this silly bird had done to my foot! Some of my family squealed and some ( my brother ) thought it was funny! LOL!! So I never new that when birds poop it is warm and mushi! Would you ever think that? I know very weird but interesting! So if you have any funny bird stories please confess!

Thanks...I hope you liked my little story about the silly bird pooping on me!!LOL

~** Torz **~

P.S: Next time you see a bird make sure you don't get pooped! LOL have a great day!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Wow a very tough pup ey!? So we have a winner for the MYSTERY puppy breed! Well done to Devz ( Devon )  Very good answers everyone keep up the great thinking! Any way so the answers for the MYSTERY puppy breed is:: ****************WIRE**FOX**TERRIER*******************

Well done to everyone who commented! 


                                      ~********~*~ Torz ~*~**********~ 


P.S : You will always rock- forever and ever who ever you are! :) Have an awesome day! 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ok This Is Something Quite Tremendous!


So I have been interested in frozen water ever since Miss Cheeseman took Liuto and I out to take some photos of frozen water. Frozen water is frozen water...but in this case it is pictures taken when the water is in the air so it looks frozen...isn't that a little nice fact to know ey?! So I got a few pictures of icey frozen water...its a skulpture..made of frozen water ( ICE ) lol....ok so here it is... :)  => => =>
If you would like to guess what animal it is you can...all you have to do is comment and have an awesome day!

Thanks ... soon I will put up the winner for the mystery puppy breed!

Thanks again :)

~** Torz **~ 

: P. S: you rock and you really do know it! Have a great day!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Wow cute pictures...

This is the animal you have to guess..its kind of easy! lol
Ok so here is a picture...what animal is almost walking on water? Look closely...have a guess go on!- you know you want to!

So thanks and happy guessing :)

~** Torz **~ 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Ice Paradice

Wow it was a windy, breezy, wet day. My friend and I were walking to the car with our two pairs of socks on ready to ice skate. When we got there we got the right sized ice skates and skated. We havn't skated in a while - for me it was a!  Anyway so we skated around in circles and we were not touching the sides for a while. I only fall once on my bum and got straight up and keept going. Ice skating is a really fun sport and you can do ice hokey to which is even harder..- I personaly think its only for the! So we had a fun day on sunday and I think if you go regularly than you can get better each week and you could take lessons. 


~** Torz **~

p.s: u rock & u know it!  :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ruf ruf.. Guess what Breed of puppy!

This is the puppy you need to figure out what breed it is :)
Hello again have a guess what type of breed this puppy is..I'll give you a clue..the first word is Wire..Its a bit tricky but lets see how you go! :) Have a fun time trying to figure out..and have a fun holiday and enjoy it! Thanks happy guessing :)


~** Torz **~

P.S: when you read this you'll smile...hopefully...LOL! .....u rock :)


Congratulations to all the people that commented on the MYSTERY picture. ( The MYSTERY flower ) And the winners are Shania and Kevin. Thanks for all the comments I really appritiate it. Later on I will put up another MYSTERY picture..have a great day!...WAIT!! I forgot to tell you the answer!!..wait...wait! A pink and orange..inside of a pacific tropical flower. Thanks again and have a tremendous day!!  :)


~** Torz **~