Saturday, February 25, 2012


Hi, I havn't been on my blog for ages and is wondering if anyone has any delicious mousse recipie's? If you do can you please comment and TELL ME! Lol :) I'm in the mood for something tasty and scrumptuous for desert ( can't be bothered to spell correctly today )

Thx :)

>!@#$%^&*() Torz )(*&^%$#@!>

Monday, February 13, 2012


Hello, I have been VERY busy lately and still is. If that makes sense. :) Yeah, sorry I havn't been able to blog because of school. How are you going my friends? Izz Fizz? Cheese? My english teacher is Mrs Cheeseman. Shes pretty cool but your amazing! - Cheese ( just to let you know..even though you ALREADY ! Know.. )

Thanks for reading. I'm very busy. I have LOADS of homework.. HEAPS! And I have Orienteering, netball AND music. I'm not sure what to do about Music though. I could stick to drama and dance. OR choose music ( they are DESPERATE for a drummer ! )

What do you think?

PLEASE comment :) Thanks

>!@#$%^&*() Torz )(*&^%$#@!>

I can't believe that life keeps going on and you don't get time to talk.

English and Math is CRAZY! Sooo much homework. Oh well, we don't go to school to NOT get challenged right??