Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Endangered Species

And yes this is to do with my english class. It actually isn't published yet so this is it! It is about bees! Why are bees getting less and less common. I'll tell you why!

Buzzing around with a black and yellow back waiting to get annoyed by some human. This is what bees have to put up with everyday. Trying to survive by collecting pollen and dodging humans while they skip in the garden not even thinking about their risk of getting stung.

I've even searched about bees and it says that cellphones can kill their navigating system ( so they cannot find their way back to the hive ) and so they die because they can't find their way to their hive. It's quite sad really I mean imagine if you were a bee. For me it would be starting all over again trying to get to my R.E class!! Lol!! ( laugh out loud - for those who don't know! ). Anyway school just keeps getting busier and busier I havn't been able to get on here at least for a week. But I'm soo happy it's the end of term 1 ( Friday 15 April ) YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! I've got more english to show you soo watch out because it's better! At least you might think so!

Anyway thanks for being patient with my blog :) cheesey rox!

>** ## TORZ!! teeeheee! ))&&^%^(@^#^ I am very silly!! - hardly ever it happens I KNOW!!! lol. c ya!

Have fun holidays coz u deserve it!

English, English, and more English!!

Wow we have english classes everyday of the week except for tomorrow week 1. " YESSS!! NO MRS SHARPE!! I CAN'T WAIT !! " says kids from my core class. They absolutly HATE english. Whats soo bad about english?? I think its really good because I have to think alot to get accurate writing and I have to really spell write to. We have been doing arguments so I decided that mine would be on who was going to have the last Taylor Swift concert ticket. NOTE: This is just an argument about a ticket it is not a true story...hey as much as I love Taylor Swift to be able to have the last ticket..I mean co'mon! ( not sure how to spell that.. lol )
So I have decided to share it with you. We had to perform this in front of our whole class.

Taylor Swift Argument One Ticket Who Is Going To Get It.

Ok so Hannah ( 1 ) and I are sisters and we are fighting over this ticket.

T: I should have it because I'm the number one fan!!

H: I should have it because I'm older!

T: Well I buy all the magizines with her on it and all the posters and albums!

H: Well that would spare you somthing because I PAYED for it!!!

T: Well my schools closer to the venue so I can go after school!

H: Shame Torz!! I have nothing on after school and you do!! HAHA!!!

T: Umm...well I can skip netball training.

H: I have a car!!

T: I have a scooter!!

H: Mine goes way faster like a Ferrari and your scooter just goes plump, plump, plump just like a slug!

T: FINE!! Be that way I will buy the ticket for Bruno Mars!! HAHAHAHAHA!! Yay!

H: HEY!!
T = Torz
H = Hannah

( 1 ) This Hannah is not the Hannah from last year in our class ( r22 all with blogs ) ok so this is Hannah that always used to get 1st place in cross country every year for my year level.

And that was our argument! I also learned that every opinion has to have a reason no matter what it is. ( In arguments ) It could be a bike you were fussing about or maybe the last cookie or how long you'll get your computer time for. So whatever it is to do with arguments make sure you have a reason! ( Thats what I learned in todays lesson & yesterdays lesson. Having a argument can be fun and it can give you more confidence in speaking in front of people.

Thanks for everything you all rock!!

I should keep you updated.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Music Lessons

Every Monday & Tuesday I have music lessons. On Monday it is keyboard and Tuesday ( after my afterschool drama & dinner ) we ( my brother and I ) go to our drum lessons! Whenever I have a crap day at school ( like sometimes we do ) I always look forward to going to my music lessons. Music always cheers me up and the teachers teaching me are all so kind I just feel so happy. Don't worry we don't have a drum kit yet so we can't tear the house down with our awesome music...aww!! I am still playing guitar ( don't worry I spose you weren't but you know what I mean ) I might be having lessons after dinner on a Wednesday. I also might have netball practise on afterschool on Wednesdays so it is good. On Thursday ( every Thursday ) I go to Liston College and skate around for about to hours. I meet a group of friends there and when its your fourth lesson you get it free. This week I think its my sixth week of skating & HOPEFULLY I will move up to badge 3. There are seven badges or maybe ten but you can join if you would like and it only costs $5.00 so if you would like to come its very fun. On your first time skating you might fall on your bum but it's natural ( trust me! I definately WOULDN'T fall on purpose!! ). I have completely gone off the subject of music. People do it ( like myself ) but we get through... don't we! Anyway have a great day...and enjoy Primary because those are some of the most important years you should remember ( known from experiance :) )

Thanks I should try to improve my writing by not going ( ) all the time! LOL!

>**:~ Torz ~:**<

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fish Personification

Hi again sorry if this personification isn't as good as the last one. I do have the one I did last year so please compare them!
Ok the one last year:

I sit on a shelf beside a window feeling hot and cold some of my pages can't hold.
I've been trampelled on jumped on by my grumpy owner. Someday I'll have a lovely owner that won't break my spine because they don't own that kind of mind.
I am made of trees can't you see from branches to leaves into a factory. My poor paper has been in a typing machine for too long it feels longer than 3,600 songs.
When I try to speak zero words come out I feel daft and want to shout.
Screaming for help just like in my words I've meet two pairs of eyes but not lemon curd..mmmm If I had a mouth I would die from wetness would never be dry would never be read.

* What do you think this one was about?

Since we don't really have computers at school ( not a lot of portable laptops ) especially in the english room I couldn't really get more ideas off my other personification but I have tried. Ok so here goes!

I squarm around hoping not to be found by grey bodies with sharp teeth and finns that knock you out when they come near. I have to large eyes ( more like big buttons in this case ) that fill up half of my body.
I have colourful scales that shine in the sunlight as I zoom along this magical sea filled with magical creatures...( unlike myself ). I have a long pointy tail with its red light shining like christmas lights. It follows me EVERYWHERE I go!! I apsolutely, positively HATE my tail!! Some people hate having their tail chopped off ( tom and jerry ) but I would love it!
I've never imagined what it would be like to be dead. I mean for me it would be sitting on a platter in front of lots of hungry humans that wanted me to be eaten. I mean for sure the cat would have his share too because cats starve without their tuna. ( I actually don't think they eat tuna but you know what I mean! )

Ok so you have to choose out of those two. I was thinking you could guess what my stories were about so it would be like a competition! So once you know get you comments in..I can't wait!

Thanks ever so much for reading my blog! You rock!

~** Torz **~

Monday, March 7, 2011

English And Annoyed People ( lol )

Do you know how sometimes you go on a blog and you are sick of seeing the same thing? Well I bet thats how you feel about mine...sorry! Lol! Guess what happened in english today..! Ok it started off when our teacher told everyone that our books were wet. So we had to go up to her to get them. She said that I was last and that she needed to talk to me. I felt nervous and went up. I suddenly had a deep thought..'I don't think its gonna be bad I mean how bad can it get'?! She showed me that my book was the WORST wet book there!! I said it was okay but really. She got out some special tape and put it in my book so that it wouldn't brake. She asked me if I read alot so of coarse I said yes so I mean I read everyday what else could I say! She told me that I was a skilled and talented writer. I was pleased and couldn't wait to tell Mum and Dad. She also said that I would get **extra** work! HOORAY more work..( just what I need ) I mean I have so much stuff going on any way..oh well if its what it takes to be the top of the class its fine with me!!

Thanks I've really enjoyed writing this post! :) haha!


~**>< Torz ><**~