Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cher Lloyd!!

Hello, I am loving Cher Lloyd - off X Factor ( UK ) ! I think she is Brittish! - accent lol

She is AMAZING I think she is 18 !

I really want to buy her album! Its called sticks and stones and its coming out later in the year I think!! I am sooo excited I'm really starting to love her like I love Taylor Swift, Adele!

Listening to her song at the moment!!

THANKS!!! :)

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Gummy Bear

Hey..I found the gummy bear song on youtube. On ONE condition ..... IT IS IN espanol ( SPAINISH!! ) It's so cool!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Who would you be??

Who would you be? A human or a cat? Cats sleep and eat. Humans actually go out to Rainbows End, get wet and still eat and sleep. So who would you rather be? A cat?! Well I would. You mostly have to go to the loo..fight those other cats off " your property " and lick yourself. Yum! ( NOT ) So who would you rather be? A human? Well scientific diagrams and methods say...( KIDDING....) anyway, humans can have HEAPS of oppertunities in what you do. Well you could train a dog and be friends ( man's best friend ) I'm bored. Oh yeah!! We get bored quickly ( depending on who you are, and what movie your watching..) and umm..cats. Well ( this is what I think, it may not be true ) that cats probably LOVE being bored. Its their freaking destiny!! ( lol ) They probably think its the best thing in the world apart from food. Because it relates to sleeping ( ISH! )

By the way! I didn't write this at school ( heck..) I just made it up..on the spot. Well sort of. Yeah.

Thanks :) I LOVE CATS!! ( well kittens preferably but you know...)

Thanks AGAIN! :) :) :) - three smiley faces..( you don't get that everyday do ya? )

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PS: I made ANOTHER blog! Its called Best Food Adventures With Torz. Heres the link :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Rainbows End!

Hello. The other day I went to Rainbows End. I had a REALLY fun day! I went with my second cousins and my untie and uncle and my grandparents. I was kind of boring walking around with them. We had to have " BUDDIES ". mmm. Yes you heard rightly..buddies. Mine was either a seven year old or a ten year old. It turned out when they were talking about buddies they were meaning adult buddies. I got lucky that time. :) . Jake ( my brother ) and our second cousin rushed off to the Fearfall. I rushed with them and then the rest of the group came. Some of them paid to get in but not to go on any rides. Anyway it was really fun on the Fearfall and that is my favourite one. I know suprising right?? Yeah. I will keep going.. I went on all the rides EXCEPT the roller coaster and the power surge. ( last time I was at Rainbows End I went on that ride )

So umm...oh yeah.. I hope my untie doesn't see this BUT last time I was on the invader I was SOOOO scared and Jake was standing next to me on it..and I was SOOO scared I was yelling out " I love you Jake!!! " yeah in a brotherly sister way if you know what I mean. The other second cousin's name was Joe. Maybe he thought I was saying his name?? Yeah.. anyway it was like I was gonna die. And so.. I started swearing off the top of my head. Yes. Swearing. I know. Yes. ANYWAY...moving on :) So I was saying the b word ( not gonna say just in case ...) I had my eyes closed and I yelled out that word and it turned out I was " staring " according to Jake at my Auntie. Yeah..sometimes she can be mean. After the ride Jake told me and I started cracking up! Oh and also on the ride Jake said " your lucky you don't have a sister ! " yeah. Oh and the boy beside me ( unknown it was just a random seat ) at the end of the ride said something about the girl who was having a ish hissy fit on the invader ride. Oh my. You should of seen it! Yeah, and JUST as the ride was beginning I said to Jake " get my off this thing! " at the beginning. I somehow new inside SOMETHING.

Yeah the rest of the rides were kind of boring. When I think back to the time on the invader I always smile :)


~!@#$%^&*( Torz )(*&^%$#@!~

PS: I guess someone had to say it to the auntie .. right??

The BEST meal ! - IN THE WORLD!!

Well that's what I thought anyway. Maybe you've already treated yourself to the greatest meal you've ever eaten. BUT I NEEED to tell you that I got my best meal at Imbibe. Imbibe is a restaurant in Tauranga near Bayfair. The meal was called " bbq ribs " yeah thats what it is called. Ask for Alex. She is very good at remembering the specials of the day. Oh and also she serves two tables at once. She is excellent. seriously. ( sorry there was no capitals for effect. Sorry Izz Fizz..and Cheesy )

So, its REALLY hard to describe these bbq ribs but they tasted REALLY good! Seriously best meal I've EVER tasted and no..I didn't take a picture because I really wasn't near my camera. I left the place I was staying ( not gonna say but I did leave it. ) yeah.

Thanks for reading my posts AND PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO COMMENT!! ( thanks ! )

Sorry, I just really like comments and I havn't really had any for a while..

and I know your all busy..but still...

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I just realised

I just realised that we didn't celebrate my first year of being on this blog ( my only blog ) but I forgot to post and celebrate. Oh well. This year it will be my 2nd year from September. I started blogging in 2010. Yes. I'm sorry for not telling.

Thanks for the good years :)

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A trip to the dentist...

Hello, I have to go to the dentist today. I feel nervous because I might get fillings or something scary. Oh well. I thought you might like some pictures so here :)

Thanks - don't forget to comment :) I love comments ( good ones I mean )

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Umm ...

Hello I found the cutest blog on the bock ( the website I wanted to change my background from ) BUT I'm wondering how you put it on the blog I'm having trouble. Do I edit the template? Because when I did that another time it was bad...I NEED HELP!!!


)(*&% Torz %&*()

Just wondering if you could help...

Hey, ummm ( just thought I'd put that in ) I was wondering what the website was to change your background ( blog background ). If ANYONE! can help that would be good...really good. Thank-you..just comment if you know.. PLEASE its a new year so new you so you NEED to see a **NEW** BACKGROUND ( I'm sure :P ) Thanks

Thanks AGAIN :) for your help if you can help

( mostly asking you Cheesy or Cheesey - not sure how to spell it but anyway.. AWKWARD..)

Thanks I'll just Idle Widle on now...

$#@! Torz !@#$

Monday, January 9, 2012


Hello again, your looking great! Just wanted to say hi. So hello. Today I saw the movie ' I bought a zoo ' it was a good movie because it wasn't predictable. Out of ten I rate it a 6 or 7. Yeah I think its alright. I'm trying to get into acting. So. According to Jake I have to lie without smiling so I have to keep a straight face. ITS REALLY HARD!!!

Oh well

!@#$%^&*() TORZ! )(*&^%$#@!

PS : hello!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Hello, I havn't put up a mystery picture in a while. Sadly I didn't take it but since I'm going chocolate crazy ( your hint ) I thought you might like it. So here : Please comment in on what you think it is. Thanks enjoy your holidays. ( if your on holidays..)


Hi everybody, I'm sorry ... I havn't talked to you in AGES but it is holidays and I've been having some fun and I'm sure you have to. Its nice to see you, your looking great..anyway hello and welcome. Gosh I can't believe 2012 is ALREADY here! Seriously.. 2011 went SO fast! I got your note Cheesy.. I asked Jake what it was and he said it was to make me freaked out. I kind of got freaked out but anyway. What did you do for new years eve? Okay, I will tell you what my family and I did. On New Years Eve we went to the movies and saw the movie New Years Eve. Amazing I know! So we got Burger King for dinner and then the movie but anyway. We also saw the fireworks near our house so that was cool. I recorded my first song I heard in 2012. It was the song " everybody dance now! " and my first food of 2012 was a hashbrown. The drink was a hot chocolate. Yum I think I should go make one now... => => YUM!!

I'm going chocolate CRAZY!!!! lol :)

Thanks for reading my blog .. and looking by the way I thought it would be nice to tease you about these DELISH chocolate things..

)(*&^%$#@!~ Torz ~!@#$%^&*()