Saturday, March 16, 2013

An Earthquake ? Today ?

Haii everyone :P lol Torzinators haha

we had an earthquake today in Auckland :P it was 3.9 according to GeoNet

Yehpp :P Just saying hello and stay safe :P we could be in for more...and guess what.. you survived it :P Good on you haha :P
                                              This photo is San Francisco in ruins 1906..

Guess what ! At school we are doing photoshop in Pfa ( performing arts )

I am photoshopping Taylor Swift in a series of pictures..she has her guitar and she is performing .. the colour is mostly blue ! I love Performing Arts :) I am definately where I am meant to be and I feel like I belong here now.. its a different sense of belonging..

Anyway Hope You Survive Whats Left To Come :P

LOL !!!!

haha Rain and an Earthquake in ONE DAY ?? omg are you serious haha :O

Thankies :P lol KaykayYYY

I sound like I'm on a sugar high haha narh I'm just generally more happy and positive about life now :D

Thankies Torzinators I love you xx

>!@#$%^&*( Torz )(*&^%$#@!

>_< lol cute XD

OMG !!

Heyy !! I am in the school show !! It is Footloose :P Facebook me if you want to know more info :P

I am a singer in the chorus and its sah much fun!

I am loving school ! I am in one of the smartest classes and Im in the top performing arts program :D

I am so glad I went to the schools that I went to .. taught me a lot..

At Primary it was no matter who you are -- be yourself haters go hate ...dont care about what others think of you.. because when you are little you dont care.. I love that about Primary.. and in Intermediate ( ok it was a college ) but still I learnt that true friends are hard to find, some leave some go.. and some stay..

I am so glad to be where I am now :) I know I am young but I am glad I am me and who I want to be..

School is one of my favourite places...and the stage... the stage is where I BELONG :P

LOL you belong with me -- Tay Tay Swift style haha

I am still in love with Taylor haha she is still amazing EVEN though she dates a lot of peeps ._.

Anyway it was nice talking I miss you and Im very sorry for not keeping up xx

Love ya Torzinators xxx Miss you xx

>!@#$%^&*( Torz )(*&^%$#@!>

and Like Devvy x

Im OUT x