Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why do we need Mysquitos?

I wonder why mysquitos have to be in this world. I really really wonder why...when your standing outside your door with a mysquito at your foot would you just stand there? Well I did and It was a PRETTY IMMENSE mysquito! When I went to scrath it...it was enormous. Oh well hopefully he didn't put to much poison in. I can't believe we have to scratch our foot for no reason because I was itching itching itching and all my foot was turning red....really why are they on earth? If you know please give me a  comment because I seriously need to know. By the way..In the summer..if you have a window open and a light on turn the light of and close the window. That way you shouldn't get bitten...I don't know why the have to go munching at me!! Anyway I truuuuly believe they should be band...but how?


~** Torz **~


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Honours Badge Assembly!!

I was sitting in my seat in front of everyone at the school assembly. This day was super special. In fact its more than special its miraculous. It was the day I was getting my Honours Badge. I have been collecting certificates for years and its finaly paid off! I was so excited when we were singing the national anthem I almost cried because it was such an awesome day! When Mr Sumich gave out the certificates and badges I felt really excited and I felt like I had done a big acheivement-and I did! I'm so greatful for that day! Everyday from now on I will wear my badge when I am at that school. Thanks room 22 for all the support especially Miss Cheeseman. You guys rock I'm so gonna miss you all next year.

Thanks guys!

~** Tors **~

Mystery Celeb!

This is a New Zealander and she has a name that starts with N and her last letter ( surname letter) B. She has some kool songs and I have her album. One of her songs is called Who Knows and one song you might know...Unwritten. She has some astonishing songs!


~** Torz **~

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm Talking About.......SPEECHES!!!

Wow speeches has come around so fast! The other day the whole class had to say their speech. My speech was about speeches. I said my speech third and I think I liked the throwing part where I throw some of the cards. When it was the end of the day the class had to vote. Nawshi and I got the most votes and got into the  finals where you had to say it in front of Mr Giles and Mrs Dysart. When I was saying it in front of  Mr Giles and Mrs Dysart everybody in the room started to look at me and stare. IT WAS AMAZING!! It was scary and awesome at the same time!! So after the  finals there is the top 8 ( it was supposed to be 6 because lots of people had great speeches ) and Nawshi and I got INTO THE TOP 8!! Which was the semi finals. We were SOOO excited and when we got back to class everybody screamed with joy and everybody was happy! I loved that moment! I wish I could have that moment everyday!!

Thank-you so much for your support everyone! - your great!

Thanks again! :)

~** Torz **~