Sunday, December 12, 2010

The History Of NZ Jandals!

Jandals were first invented by Morris Yock in Auckland New Zealand. Did you know that jandals are made from rubber. " Where does rubber come from? " It comes from a type of rubber tree..and some of the best rubber jandals are from Thailand. " Well where did the name ' Jandals ' come from?" The name jandals came from a japanese sandal. Jandals are a great type of shoe to wear because you can put it in water and it will can also feel the lovely sand as well. Did you know that the jandal strap is in a Y shape but backwards!! Wow jandals are my all time summer shoes. Jandals have many names...flip flops...thongs..thong sandals...slip slaps...pluggers...toesies..zories and of coarse our NZ name JANDALS!!

Yay for summer have awesome safe holidays.


P.S: I wanted to get photos of jandals on here but they just went into a different world and the photos turned to words. apolegies.

Summer Is Heating Up!! - And Fast!!

Yes summer is finally here! I can't wait for the times when you splash in the salty water at the beach and have sand castle compitions. There are lots of fun activities to do in the summer..and heres a few activities right here right only get it here and right now!! So :
You could take a trip overseas to Singapore or Australia!
You could play at the park with you besties for a few hours.
You could fly in a helicopter way up in the sky overvewing the sandy, shelly beach.
You could travel the world in monoply and beat you brother or sister ( like I did )
You could have a water fight or even sit down, relax and eat strawberries..flop your jandals off and overlook the beach or maybe a relaxing resort.
So thats a lot of summary ideas for summer oh wait! I forgot one rule and it will always be a rule! have FUN!! Thats a biggie. Righty ho thanks for reading my have a nice day!



P.S : You rock and you sooo now it and Taylor Swift will always rock!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Tremendous Day In The Country!

It was a cloudy day...I gave my friend a call and I got to go to her house and have a swim.You wouldn't believe how cold her pool was! Well it was below 20 degrees celcius.. and the only way to get used to the temperture of the pool is to dive in first..and remember to always have your hands in a triangle shape. So we suddenly went into the car with all our stuff and we went into the country for a work party. On the way I took some pictures with my new camera of the hills. It was an amazing journey you know traveling in the hillside and having lots of fun eating 3 or more ice-creams and bouncing on the bouncy party. It was a fun work party and it happens every year. The next minute lots of people were crouding the horses so we raced down to have a look and the ponie's name was called Peanut. It was called Peanut because it was peanut colour and it was a little small like a peanut to. They other horse was a nice browny blacky horse and he was called Morgan. Morgan is a perfect name for a horse or maybe a honey. Anyway I got to have 3 rides on Morgan but I was to tall for Peanut. Noooo I really wanted to ride peanut but I was still to tall but good thing the little babies got a turn..lucky them!! So after our horse rides we had sausages for dinner and lots of summer strawberries...its truley summer! I can't wait for those days when its sterling hot and you just want to jump in a pool! So today was an awesome day and hope every where would be as awesome as that...and hey they had a trumpet band and one of the girls did a peace singn to me before they started. I think they were an awesome band and I wish I would play like that! I love the sound of christmas music by trumpets. It really was amazing and when we had to go we really didn't want to. It was a lovely day with friends. I really think this day is one of the best days summer can bring us and there is plenty more coming..make sure you where your jandals on the beach this summer and not your!


>##!((@ TORZ!! @))!##<

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why do we need SPIDERS?????

Hmm I wonder why we need spiders. Of coarse we need them to eat our flies but surely not to scare us. This morning I saw a baby cockroach and then a spider. Its sad all the bugs have to come into your house when its raining or when its really humid. But really they would die if they were outside. Spiders are nearly everywhere. They can bite..when you annoy them. Thats a pretty reasonable answer for them to bite. I mean I would bite if I was a spider and somebody was going to stamp on me. Spiders are cool in someways. They have way more legs than us and pretty deadly fangs..( WHITE TAILS!!! ) Seriously I think that we really shouldn't have spiders but they are good in someways. Its interesting when you go to the zoo and you see that tralanchalas. So when you see a spider and you scream..its totally if its tiny...squash it like a bug!!



~!**!~ Torz ~!**!~

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why do we need Mysquitos?

I wonder why mysquitos have to be in this world. I really really wonder why...when your standing outside your door with a mysquito at your foot would you just stand there? Well I did and It was a PRETTY IMMENSE mysquito! When I went to scrath was enormous. Oh well hopefully he didn't put to much poison in. I can't believe we have to scratch our foot for no reason because I was itching itching itching and all my foot was turning red....really why are they on earth? If you know please give me a  comment because I seriously need to know. By the way..In the summer..if you have a window open and a light on turn the light of and close the window. That way you shouldn't get bitten...I don't know why the have to go munching at me!! Anyway I truuuuly believe they should be band...but how?


~** Torz **~


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Honours Badge Assembly!!

I was sitting in my seat in front of everyone at the school assembly. This day was super special. In fact its more than special its miraculous. It was the day I was getting my Honours Badge. I have been collecting certificates for years and its finaly paid off! I was so excited when we were singing the national anthem I almost cried because it was such an awesome day! When Mr Sumich gave out the certificates and badges I felt really excited and I felt like I had done a big acheivement-and I did! I'm so greatful for that day! Everyday from now on I will wear my badge when I am at that school. Thanks room 22 for all the support especially Miss Cheeseman. You guys rock I'm so gonna miss you all next year.

Thanks guys!

~** Tors **~

Mystery Celeb!

This is a New Zealander and she has a name that starts with N and her last letter ( surname letter) B. She has some kool songs and I have her album. One of her songs is called Who Knows and one song you might know...Unwritten. She has some astonishing songs!


~** Torz **~

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm Talking About.......SPEECHES!!!

Wow speeches has come around so fast! The other day the whole class had to say their speech. My speech was about speeches. I said my speech third and I think I liked the throwing part where I throw some of the cards. When it was the end of the day the class had to vote. Nawshi and I got the most votes and got into the  finals where you had to say it in front of Mr Giles and Mrs Dysart. When I was saying it in front of  Mr Giles and Mrs Dysart everybody in the room started to look at me and stare. IT WAS AMAZING!! It was scary and awesome at the same time!! So after the  finals there is the top 8 ( it was supposed to be 6 because lots of people had great speeches ) and Nawshi and I got INTO THE TOP 8!! Which was the semi finals. We were SOOO excited and when we got back to class everybody screamed with joy and everybody was happy! I loved that moment! I wish I could have that moment everyday!!

Thank-you so much for your support everyone! - your great!

Thanks again! :)

~** Torz **~

Sunday, October 31, 2010

_~*~_ Fast _~*~_ Pictures_~*~_

 Click click click click goes the camera....Louisa, Liutu and I went out to take some FAST pictures. We had to go to the playground and sandpit to take these. It was really fun trying to take pictures with people in the middle of the air and bark like confetti. Some tips on taking fast photos are...
1. Make sure you take a photo with water or someone floating in the air.

This is bark thrown into the air like confetti! CELEBRATE!!

2. How do we take photos so that the water or person is in the air? Well you position the camera in the place you think the person or water is going to that I mean you make the person jump off something or drop a stone in the water and you take a picture where you think the rock or person is going to land. Any way so I think frozen water is quite cool and interesting. If you like frozen water and taking should hurry up on your art ( without rushing it ) and finish so you can come with us and take some frozen water or fast the way speaking of it...we took some pictures so here is some good ones!:

This is Louisa and I jumping in thin air! LOL


~** Torz**~

Saturday, October 30, 2010


I was walking to the park with my brother and we could see a silhouette of trees and houses. I was wearing my new jandals....when we got home ( when it was darker ) a SILLY SILLY stupid bird POOPED on my FOOT and I said " YUK!! You have go to be kidding me! " So I ran inside eager to show what this silly bird had done to my foot! Some of my family squealed and some ( my brother ) thought it was funny! LOL!! So I never new that when birds poop it is warm and mushi! Would you ever think that? I know very weird but interesting! So if you have any funny bird stories please confess!

Thanks...I hope you liked my little story about the silly bird pooping on me!!LOL

~** Torz **~

P.S: Next time you see a bird make sure you don't get pooped! LOL have a great day!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Wow a very tough pup ey!? So we have a winner for the MYSTERY puppy breed! Well done to Devz ( Devon )  Very good answers everyone keep up the great thinking! Any way so the answers for the MYSTERY puppy breed is:: ****************WIRE**FOX**TERRIER*******************

Well done to everyone who commented! 


                                      ~********~*~ Torz ~*~**********~ 


P.S : You will always rock- forever and ever who ever you are! :) Have an awesome day! 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ok This Is Something Quite Tremendous!


So I have been interested in frozen water ever since Miss Cheeseman took Liuto and I out to take some photos of frozen water. Frozen water is frozen water...but in this case it is pictures taken when the water is in the air so it looks frozen...isn't that a little nice fact to know ey?! So I got a few pictures of icey frozen water...its a skulpture..made of frozen water ( ICE ) lol....ok so here it is... :)  => => =>
If you would like to guess what animal it is you can...all you have to do is comment and have an awesome day!

Thanks ... soon I will put up the winner for the mystery puppy breed!

Thanks again :)

~** Torz **~ 

: P. S: you rock and you really do know it! Have a great day!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Wow cute pictures...

This is the animal you have to guess..its kind of easy! lol
Ok so here is a picture...what animal is almost walking on water? Look closely...have a guess go on!- you know you want to!

So thanks and happy guessing :)

~** Torz **~ 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Ice Paradice

Wow it was a windy, breezy, wet day. My friend and I were walking to the car with our two pairs of socks on ready to ice skate. When we got there we got the right sized ice skates and skated. We havn't skated in a while - for me it was a!  Anyway so we skated around in circles and we were not touching the sides for a while. I only fall once on my bum and got straight up and keept going. Ice skating is a really fun sport and you can do ice hokey to which is even harder..- I personaly think its only for the! So we had a fun day on sunday and I think if you go regularly than you can get better each week and you could take lessons. 


~** Torz **~

p.s: u rock & u know it!  :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ruf ruf.. Guess what Breed of puppy!

This is the puppy you need to figure out what breed it is :)
Hello again have a guess what type of breed this puppy is..I'll give you a clue..the first word is Wire..Its a bit tricky but lets see how you go! :) Have a fun time trying to figure out..and have a fun holiday and enjoy it! Thanks happy guessing :)


~** Torz **~

P.S: when you read this you'll smile...hopefully...LOL! .....u rock :)


Congratulations to all the people that commented on the MYSTERY picture. ( The MYSTERY flower ) And the winners are Shania and Kevin. Thanks for all the comments I really appritiate it. Later on I will put up another MYSTERY picture..have a great day!...WAIT!! I forgot to tell you the answer!!..wait...wait! A pink and orange..inside of a pacific tropical flower. Thanks again and have a tremendous day!!  :)


~** Torz **~

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

And the winner is....

( This is the picture of the MYSTERY is a Shih tzu! )
And the winners for the CUTE mystery puppy picture are..Dain, Izzy and Nawshi!! Thank-you all for the comments I liked the comment from Louisa! - about how the puppy that had to be brushed!! You all are winners so share the great feeling between you all! Thanks and I put up some more MYSTERY pictures later on!

P.S: these are links to Dain, Izzy and Louisa's blogs..It would mean a lot if you visited them! :)




Thank-you enjoy your day :)

~** Torz **~

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Puppies puppies puppies!!

The cute puppies with AWESOME hair styles!!
Wow I really like puppies. They are really cute and as they grow up the get more loyal. I don't own an animal myself but when I get older I probably will. I have a few friends that own dogs and cats and they have so much fun together. I enjoy watching Animal Rescue on t.v and Its really tremendous and exeiting when the rescue pets that need help from the S.P.C.A. S.P.C.A stands for Society Prevention Cruelty Animals and it is awesome to see that they are helping animals all the time :) If you know a bit about dogs please tell me because I am starting to really get in to them :)  Here is a few pictures of some awesome cute hair styles on dogs!!

Thanks and I can't wait for more comments! 

~** Torz **~


And the winners are...for the MYSTERY mountain is...wait for it wait...................wait.........wait....

CONGRATULATIONS Rhiannon and Miss Cheeseman!! You won...( the only peeps that commented!!)

Thanks for all your comments and please have a guess at what type of dog..( on the other post )  by the way the MYSTERY mountain was Mount Maunganui aka Mt Maunganui!


~** Torz **~

p.s: U ROCK!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Guess what type...

Hi again have a guess at what type of puppy this is very cute...and its first letter is an " s "! - and thats your clue! :) 

Happy Guessing...


~** Torz **~ 

p.s If you read this post your AWESOME and you know it!  :) 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Defend, defend and gooo!!! We SCORE!! Yessssss!!

   One sunny morning I leapt out of bed with excitement! It was the day we had all waited for...all year we had been waiting....all the year fives and sixes had to choose a sport to do today. I chose soccer. Lots of my friends did it witch was a bonus but we were all in different teams :(! It was really exiting and nerve-recking when we went onto the soccer field! For the first game we were versing Western Hights  school and they won. We all went to congratulate them. For the second game we were versing Pomaria school and when the ball was near my feet I went in and got it away from their goal with a HUMONGOUS kick I was so delighted that I did that big kick and then....even better we scored a GOAL!! Yay we won the game...after we had a break and drank lots of water so we wouldn't dehydrate! After about ten minutes we had another game. We were versing Henderson North school and the people on defence tried and tried including me to get that ball out of their zone to score....but they eventually got a goal and another goal and a home goal! Wow great game - very exhausting! A few minutes we came and congratulated them and the said " Good game! ". About five minutes later it was a finale. We were versing Pomaria Primary school and we won buy 1! We won 3 nil and the got 2. I really enjoyed it and we came 3rd out of the other 3 schools.  Their were lots of different teams for soccer and the team I was in was team 1. Their were 3 different teams around the same level. I think everyone enjoyed the day especially me! After all the games we all smealt sweaty!!


~** Tors **~

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mysterious Mountain!!

Hi again see if you can guess what mountain this is...I'll give you a clue...Its in New Zealand and I walked up it in the weekend and you can also walk around it!!

Happy guessing!


~** Torz **~

Here Is A Mystery Picture..

Hi please have a go at what the MYSTERY picture is: 

Happy guessing! Please comment have a great day!! :)


~** Torz **~

Trip To Tauranga :)

One sunny bright sparkling sunny morning...I was packing my bags for a trip to Mt Maunganui, Tauranga. We went in the car and ate lollies on the way. On the way we went through places like Paeroa and Ngatea and Katikati. When we got to Tauranga we stayed at the Atrium apartments for two nights. I got to take a day off school so I could pack. We stayed that night and went to the hot pools. On Saturday night we went out and had dinner with a lot of freinds and family. I liked it how at the apartment I could sleep in on the morning and not have to worry about going to school! We had a great time looking at the beautiful green and blue sparkling ocean from our seats. I think we all had a fantastic time I recommend it! ( The picture is the front of the Atrium. )

~** Torz**~  

Hi Welcome To My Blog!!

Hi Welcome to my blog! Its nice to see you looking at my you can see I'm new to this so I will try to keep up with lots of posts! :) I'm glad your here soon I will put up a  mystery photo that you have to guess and I will tell you who would be the winner! Feel free to comment and ask questions! :)


~** Tors **~

who ever reads this post is awesome!! :)