Thursday, July 4, 2013


I performed in Stage Challenge yesterday!!! Sahh much fun!! I enjoyed it so much!! Woah! Moments you never forget!!! Ever ! Haha there was a music video with dancing :D It was very cute

Woah! The moment I started dancing, I felt famous with the bass music and the cheering ! I almost felt like a cheerleader too - the kind of movie moves ish

It was amazing :D :D

But we didn't win :/ Orewa did! They were amazing I'm so proud of them too!

First time I ever performed in a front of..hmm...25,000 peeps...

Yahhp :D

It was fabulous! But it feels like it was a very long day - in which it was.. but I remember saying ... oh .. we were performing 2 hours ago.... woahh... now its been ages ago.. haha it was a great day :D Out of school too !! SHOTTIESS

Met a whole lot of new people through Stage Challenge, went to every rehearsal I had to and I really had fun :D

Thanks to everyone ILY

>!@#$%^&*() Torz (*&^%$#@!>

3,2,1.... #FEARLESS

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