Saturday, May 25, 2013

Thrilling...hmmm Netball...

Heart paces around the netball court...or as it feels like. Mind is blank..but to only think about what instinctively you have to do...

This is my life.

Every Saturday.

I have ...

the thrilling...


It takes so much energy out of me - that by the end I am like a tomato..forget like I AM a tomato !!


  1. Nice... xx :) We are doing netball as a winder sport in P.E. I wish I could play but then everyone else started at a very early age... I hope you won your game! Haha... funny tomato!


  2. True haha I'm sure you'll be fine Izz :D It does have a few rules but you get used to them... haha I think we won the game I'm not sure but I'll re-check lol ! Ikr ! I am always the tomato in life XD